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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- We're Getting Ready for Some Halloween Crafts!

Happy Saturday, friends! We are on our way out the door to pick up some supplies for the Halloween crafts we'll be working on this weekend. We've seen so many great craft ideas over the last few days, including this DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath that Britt shared the other day, and we're excited to recreate a few of our favorites. 

I'm hoping to include my Gram in the crafting fun. She's had a blast the last couple of times that we brought down art supplies and I'm pretty sure she'd love to try her hand at some crafting. 

Gram really enjoyed playing fashion designer with the girls a few weeks ago!

In addition to crafting, this weekend I'm hoping to get a few things organized around the house. Not too much fun, but since the girls are attending school virtually, it's difficult to get these things done during the week. We've been talking about things, ideas have been shared, now we just have to go through with them. My biggest goal is to get the vanity out of the girls' room and finally put in the room divider. Once that's settled, I can focus on the dining room and getting things organized in there so that the table can get cleared off consistently when the school day is done. 

We'd love to know what crafting ideas have caught your eye and what you might be tackling this weekend. Be sure to leave us a comment and share some pics with us on the MBP Facebook page!

Have a spectacular Saturday!


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