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Veestro Review: A Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service


What is Veestro?

Veestro was formed by Mark Fachler to serve people who were longing for food that is healthy and vegan, but they did not have enough time to prepare the meal. When he was creating Veestro, Mark felt the same need, and he decided to form it to serve this purpose, primarily. During the time Mark was forming Veestro, he was working in the banking industry, but he left the industry as soon as he started working on his plant-based meal service. Starting up a business is not easy, and it is almost impossible for someone to pull this off by themselves. Hence, Mark convinced his sister to venture into the project so that they could work together.

When the two began working on Veestro together, it became a success in Costa Rica where they were living. When they moved into the United States, they extended their production because of the massive demand for vegan fast food products. Today, they deliver their meals to more than 40,000 people in the United States, and this number is growing every day because of excellent Veestro reviews.

How Veestro Works ?

Generally, Veestro is an outstanding meal delivery service because it only offers vegan food, unlike other food delivery services that deliver food that is full of cheese and meat. The priority of the firm is to provide people with a healthy alternative to fast foods that are full of unhealthy ingredients. They offer their clients an option of subscribing to a particular meal plan to give them the chance of trying out different meals so that they can be able to stick to what they enjoy most. Moreover, Veestro also offers its new customers a great starter pack for them to try out several of their best meals to see what works best for them. Additionally, after getting a starter pack, new customers are also allowed to try out different meal boxes, which have various types of foods that are designed based on basic themes.

Some of the boxes contain protein packs, Monday boxes without meat, 21 days kick start packs, and wedding prep packs for 30 days that is designed to help people to prepare for their big day. The 21 days kick start packs are outstanding, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to go on a diet, or those people who want to take a small break from heavy meals. Ideally, you are given an all-vegan diet for 21 days so that you ease from eating your regular heavy diet for the 21 days.

Veestro also has some excellent plans that help people struggling with weight loss find the right remedy for their goals in losing weight. They offer people who want to lose weight at least seven days-worth of diet meals for as long as they wish. Primarily, what makes these plans unique is that it saves people the stress of worrying about what healthy diets they should eat to achieve their objectives like losing weight, for instance. Learn more about Veestro here

How Much Do Veestro Meals Cost?

Veestro uses some excellent chefs in preparing its meals, and the meals are delivered to their clients fully prepared and adequately frozen. Veestro meals come at affordable prices, and they also offer their clients discounts when they subscribe to the regular delivery of vegan meals. Below is a breakdown of their prices.
• Ten meals. $117 and free shipping is also offered for weekly deliveries.
They also charge $130, and a $10 shipping fee for a one-time delivery.
• 20 meals. $216 and free shipping for weekly delivery.
They also charge $240, and a shipping fee for a one-time delivery.
• 30 meals. $297 and free shipping for weekly delivery.
They also charge $330, and a shipping fee for a one-time delivery. 

What Type of Meals Does Veestro Offer?

Every meal that Veestro makes comes from a fresh ingredient, providing people with a diet solution they need in their lives.

On their menu, you will find foods like Moroccan mélange, which is a North-African delicacy that contains millet, vegetables, and sweet potatoes. They also offer spinach pie, which is excellent for a breakfast menu because it resembles a buttery crust, without containing the actual butter. The spinach pie also contains sautéed mushrooms, shallots, and corn. Moreover, they also offer Pad Thai that is gluten-free. It is made from rice noodles and a vegan fish, which adds an exceptional taste to the meal. Veestro also offers mushroom risotto, an Italian staple, that is made from organic Arborio rice. This Italian staple also contains heirloom carrots, mushrooms, and organic kale.


Indeed, the Veestro reviews outlined in this piece clearly show how outstanding this meal delivery service is because of its excellent services. The vegan options that are on their menu are also healthy, tasty, and unconventional. Besides, the packaging that is offered by Veestro is also recyclable, making it safe and harmless to the environment. In truth, people should try out their meals for healthy living. 

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