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Unique State Fair Foods.. Do You Miss Them?

Corndogs, a typical state fair food, are still popular, but there is so much more! 

In most southern states, Fall means cooler weather, football, and State Fairs! Growing up, the Maryland State Fair was too far for travel, so we often ended up at the Delaware State Fair. Held in Harrington, DE, this event ran during late July and was full of concerts, NASCAR Races, rides, and of course.. fair food! 

As I migrated to our Carolinas in college/ grad school, I learned that the State fairs are held during the fall. Makes sense.. right? Who wants to wander aisles of food stuffs, amusements, and animal shows when its 100 degrees outside? I certainly wouldn't want too!

While the 2020 North Carolina State Fair was cancelled, the 2020 South Carolina State Fair has decided to hold a drive-thru experience where guests can visit agriculture and culture exhibits safely from their cars.. and purchase fair foods! So, I thought I'd share with you my memories of strange state fair foods. Of course- some of these have become normal, but think back when they were first introduced.. it was new and exciting for all of us!

Burger Donuts- who likes them?

1) Donut Burgers: The Krispy Kreme Burger was a major hit in 2010. Two donuts squeezed a flatt patty topped with cheese and bacon together. Since this was the fad, of course I tried it! Honestly, I've steered clear of any variations since the original try at the NC State fair. Donut burgers are definitely not for me! 

Bacon Lovers can rejoice at the many ways it's used! 

2) Bacon Everywhere! Deep fried bacon, chocolate covered bacon, bacon on a stick! Bacon is a staple fair food that people seem to love! The sweet and saltiness of chocolate covered bacon is definitely appealing to me. Around since 2005, Chocolate Covered bacon has won its way into American hearts.. and arteries at state fairs, candy shops, and maybe even your own home! Our local Wilmington Candy/Bakeries sell this wonderful food so I bet yours do too!

Shayna, a Florida native and friend, loves deep fried Oreos at the Florida State Fair!

3) Deep Fried... anything? French fries, Funnel Cakes, Elephant ears.. those are normal. But lately, our Fair foodies have been taking deep frying to the extreme! Over the last decade we have seen the emergency of deep fried:  Oreos, Candy Bars, Pickles, Mac n Cheese, Cheese Curds, PBJ sandwiches, and even, yes, even deep fried Coca-Cola.. oh my, the list is endless! Many of these were one-year fads but some are still around! If you can make it, you better bet someone has deep fried it! When I first tried a deep fried candy bar, I thought I would love it.. the gooey-goodness of the candy ingredients melted inside a fried batter? It was good, but in minimal doses. Must be why State Fairs only come around once a year! 

Each State Fair has it's own vendors that people visit year after year! Much like your favorite restaurants on family vacations, people look forward to visiting their favorite vendors each year. Sometimes, these vendors try to come up with new variations on classics so that they can continue to grow their customer base and amuse fair participants. From Corn Dogs to Candied Apples, State Fair foods can also be regional. What's popular down here in the Carolinas may not be up in Wisconsin or Minnesota!

Was your State Fair cancelled or modified this year? 

Do you miss specific vendors or foods? 

Let us know in the comments or on MBP Social!

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  1. Have you ever watched Carnival Eats? They have some crazy stuff on these!


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