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Top Nine Instagram Tools You Didn't Know About

Navigating through Instagram can be fun and easy. It is power-packed to bring fun, market your goods, share photos and videos, and even have one-on-one conversations. However, to build a better experience for all your endeavors on this app, there are critical tools you must use.

There are tools for carrying out almost every activity, such as planning feeds, managing projects, increasing engagements on your post, and even for how to repost on Instagram

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Benefits of Using IG Tools

  • These tools help to increase followership, sponsorship, likes, and comments.

  • It assists users to get in-depth information on trends, followers and is relevant for businesses.

  • With these tools, IG users can save stories and create amazing and engaging videos.

  • It helps to identify the target audience.

  • It helps businesses make rapid sales on IG.

  • It guides users in scheduling and posting.

  • Users can make a repost, too.

IG Tools You Didn't Know About

Rocket Social

Rocket Social is an Instagram tool for constant likes and comments on photos. It increases the engagement of viewers/followers on your photos and also increases your audience base. It also boosts business growth, builds brands or personal accounts, and facilitates organic growth.


As video-sharing is an essential feature on Instagram, Magisto is a video editing tool used to produce quality videos. It is simple to use and can be used to boost your business page and personal videos. It also allows for video customization and serves every of your video needs. Since we are on the topic of Videos, we would like to let you know of a service that can help you sort out unwanted content on the Internet. Get rid of negative posts with Content Removal and you might save yourself from negative comments, publicity, and any other reasons you may have.

Social Gone Viral

This tool is for organic growth and increased followership, sponsorship, likes, and comments for businesses and individuals on Instagram. It does this using marketing algorithms and aims at the target audience.


Iconosquare is another Instagram tool that gives in-depth analysis and information on trends. It aids scheduled postings, monitors competitors' performance, provides in-depth analysis, and grows your Instagram account.


Sendible is an IG management tool that aids analytic reporting, posts creation, replies, and makes collaboration. It helps to send customer reports, makes scheduled posts, and uses the hashtagged comments for discoverability.


Social Rank handles interaction with your followers. It helps the user discover the most active followers, locate the target audience, and get demographic information. It analyzes your fellow competitors, tracks influential users, and grows your business.


This is a tool that connects businesses to e-commerce websites, thereby increasing profit. It connects the purchase link to the products viewers may want to buy.


Users searching on how to repost on IG can use the Repost tool to reshare photos/videos. This platform allows users to share photos/videos for other Instagram profiles to theirs and even edit the captions.


Boomerang is used to create short videos on Instagram using a series of snapshots. The videos are usually fun and captivating and are similar to a GIF.



The website WP Dev Shed reports that Instagram tools are essential to building better Instagram profiles, business growth, and better experiences. These are tools that fill the need for every aspect of Instagram and should be used with caution. These tools solve various problems of users on Instagram. 

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