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Tips On Finding Authentic Online Dispensaries


With the mushrooming of online dispensaries, it may be a bit of a challenge to know how to sift through those that are authentic and those that aren’t.

Through Xpress Grass - Canadian Online Dispensary and their expert tips about how to do so, here are ways to know if the dispensary is legit or isn’t. 

How To Spot Genuine From Faux

Compare Websites 

Since everything from here on out will be transmitted online, from inquiries to purchases and more, the truth is that the internet will serve as your sole screening “agent”. The first method for you to have a better sense of an online dispensary is to compare its website with that of others, especially ones that are within the same locality as the first. 

Although this isn’t a fool-proof technique, it’s what will launch the screening process forward. Faux websites tend to not put much effort into their platform or channel, and this will be evident in how accessible or not-so-accessible their site is. Plus, the very aesthetic of their website will immediately give you an inkling of this, too. 

Feedback And Reviews 

The second and most practical approach is to check out any feedback or review about their products and services. If they’re new and there aren’t any, then think “Buyer Beware”. It’ll be up to your judgment of whether you should go through with your transaction with them or not. 

On the contrary, if customer reviews are posted online, then you’ve hit gold. Read each one and have your own manual counter as to how many are positive, and how many, the opposite. Don’t merely rely on 5-star ratings. You’re going to want to review quoted feedback. 

True, this task might be tedious, however, it’s a more sure-fire and fair manner of sorting good feedback from the bad. 

One more tip is to hunt down customer feedback that isn’t on the seller’s page. Some dispensaries “create” their own customer reviews, being that website-control is in their hands. So, if you can, be diligent in going through platforms where customers share their experiences with online dispensaries. 

Menu Scale And Diversity 

An online dispensary with a wide and diverse menu is something you should watch out for, mainly for your convenience. Think one-stop-shops for marijuana, and other marijuana strains you may have in mind. 

This way, there won’t be a need for you to keep scouting around for certain hemp products if the products you want can be found in the same online dispensary. In parallel to this, a varied menu can be telling of a dispensary’s business range.

Customer Support 

It’s always better to go with a company that offers not only quality hemp products but quality customer service as well. Communicating with staff who are willing to assist you with your queries is a good sign (and will be far from infuriating than with personnel who don’t treat their customers with respect). 

Product knowledge is just as important as customer service. It’s an assurance that the staff know what they’re selling. And this will prove beneficial if you’re not so familiar with the marijuana strain and/ or product you want to bag. Then again, as a wise customer, doing your research about what you buy is a must. Still, it’ll be promising to discover that the seller is dependable because of product knowledge. 

These two have more to do with service than the products themselves. Nonetheless, this is a definite green light, if you ask us. 

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