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Tips for preparing a long motorcycle trip


Hello guys, I am Suvro Sen, a Motorcycle lover, and blogger since 2012. I regularly read mommysblockparty.co and gathered a lot of knowledge from here and this is my first post here. I will try to share my 10 years of riding experience to people to get the alert.

In this treat, I am writing about Tips for preparing a long motorcycle trip , read the full article. I hope you will get valuable information here.

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Long motorcycle trips are a pleasure. But beware, before starting our motorcycle trip it is necessary to take into account some tips that will help you plan the itinerary without complications or risks.

Summer and its vacation days that many motorcyclists can enjoy, are presented as a perfect opportunity to take our motorcycle, plan a trip and lose ourselves for several days while enjoying the landscapes on the back of one of our best travel companions, motorcycles .

Obviously, with the arrival of vacation days like the ones you can have during these months, you want to get on the motorcycle and get lost for several days. Therefore, those who are going to make this type of getaway should know a series of vital tips before getting on the motorcycle to travel thousands of kilometers and that remind us from AMV. In addition, they should also take into account a series of tips to go safe on this type of trip that usually lasts several days.

The first thing to plan is the destination of our trip. If you have not yet done any long-term motorcycle route, the logical thing is that you make this first long trip within our country. This will allow you to communicate in a language that you know perfectly, know how our driving habits work and be better communicated with your family or friends at home if you have a mishap with your motorcycle. In addition, Spain can offer you a very varied geographic menu in which you can enjoy the monumental and scenic gems that we have on Spanish soil.

Once you decide on the planning of your long trip, it is important that you follow these tips that we detail below:

Before hitting the road

Long motorcycle trips require careful preparation. A good revision in the workshop is essential to avoid unforeseen events. Prepare your motorcycle in time so that during the trip you do not have any mishap that will spoil that much-needed getaway. No biker likes to call the tow truck and could have prevented it before. 

It is important to organize your luggage in advance, thinking in detail about everything that we may need. We recommend that it be light and well secured to avoid losing it or causing accidents. Don't forget to bring personal and motorcycle documents, as well as hotel tickets, credit cards, etc. In addition, in Formula Moto we have already given you some advice on how to equip your motorcycle for a medium or long trip.

Plan the entire trip as well as possible: routes, distances to travel each day, road conditions and tolls. Ideally, you should stop for at least five minutes every 150 or 200 kilometers traveled.

When it comes to fuel, remember to mark the gas stations you will pass through on the map. Always try to maintain a minimum level of safety and always carry enough gasoline.

Cleaning your motorcycle is key before starting any trip. Thoroughly wash the vehicle and the elements that intervene in the driver's visibility, such as the helmet visor.

During long motorcycle trips

Once you have started your journey, blend in with the landscapes and you will have a fascinating view of the way. Maintain permanent communication with friends and family, who have to know your route to easily locate you if necessary.

Equip yourself well. It is surprising how many accessories we are able to install on our motorcycles and how little we sometimes take care of our own safety. When we ride a motorcycle, and whenever we can afford it, we must choose to wear the best possible equipment: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and pants. Cheap is expensive, it is said, and in the case of motorcycles "expensive" can be very expensive. You have to avoid falling into those dangerous clich├ęs of "it's too hot to put on my motorcycle jacket and gloves" or that widely used expression of "total, I'm going here next door." Protecting your body and the equipment you must carry for any motorcycle trip is vital to avoid any unnecessary scare.

Always respect the traffic signs and travel at the appropriate speed, depending on the road you are traveling on. If you find yourself tired, stop to stretch your legs, eat, and regain strength.

Watch out for the weather: A biker, apart from being passionate about motorcycles, must also be a "meteorologist". Trying to anticipate changes in weather and take into account the weather will set the pace for us on our journey. Therefore, it is important that you know how to calculate the thermal sensation of your motorcycle trip.

Rest well. We travel to enjoy, not to suffer. If you have to go to the toilet, you're thirsty, you get sleepy, your fingers are stiff from the cold, or your back hurts, stop. Do not think that "the hotel is close to and I better put up with it". We are not competing. Nobody is going to penalize us for stopping more times than necessary. A five-minute stop at a gazebo, a hot coffee, or flipping through a magazine at the first gas station you find can save you a lot of bad drinks.

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