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Stem Fun with GoldieBlox #REVIEW #MBPHOLIDAY20


Thank you to GoldieBlox for these STEM Kits in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

A long time ago, after talking with my sister about the needs of my niece and nephew, I decided to not buy toys that might end up in a closet or bin. We always thought there was a lot more merit to providing experiences that created memories, provided some educational value, and were fun! As the kids have gotten older, I see that they are a lot more invested in items when it's something that they can do- sometimes together, but most of the time separately, because, well, you know- siblings. 

This is much like my sister and I growing up. We made things together, played together, but each enjoyed our own adventures in the kitchen, the science field, and elsewhere.  One of my favorite things was making sugar crystals, amid many other kitchen-y type projects. 

Rock Candy- much like I made as a child, except with a string and not these cool sticks! 

While I wasn't great at science, I loved trying out projects like crystal forming at home. I never had the makings of an engineer or a craftsman, but I did like learning how things formed and were made. I have seen the same curiosity emerge in my 10 yr old niece, A,  so was excited when GoldieBlox introduced their new STEM kits just in time for winter! 

A. loves getting creative! Whether it's in the kitchen, making slime, or new hair-do's- she is all about trying new things! She love seeing how stuff works, creating masterpieces, and is intent on figuring it out on her own. I am super excited for her to try these new GoldieBlox kits this year! 

A. loves to use her hands in making slime! 

GoldieBlox uses storytelling to make STEM fun. For those who need a refresher, STEM is Science, TECH, Engineering, and Math. These are fields that are still male-dominated and hard for women to break into. By offering ways to engage creativity and pursue interests/passions early, GoldieBlox hopes that more young women will enter into these fields, as their interests and curiosity were sparked through their toys and entertainment. 

3 of the 4 new GoldieBlox kits arrived and I am so excited to be able to gift them to my niece! She loves making "stuff"- anything really, but especially crafts and slime. She loves expressing her creativity, using her unique way to design, and likes to figure out tasks and projects on her own. 

The Crystal Growing Kit contains all supplies needed to make her own display and grow her own crystals! It includes gold straws, lights, pipe cleaners, precut paper pieces, 2 growing containers, and enough crystal powder for a purple and a white crystal! Some items are needed that should be easily accessible around the house: boiled or distilled water, measuring cup, newspapers, plastic wrap, and a timer. The Instruction kit contains a brief science lesson on the formation of crystals. 

Unlike the sugar crystals I grew up making- these are not edible crystals! 

Who remembers anything from their elementary school days? Yes, that's right! Crystals form because a water-based solution grows cool, then starts to harden, then the water begins to evaporate- leaving the crystal behind! 

The kit also offers some geometry instructions- which is so not my strong suit- on all sorts of angles and shapes that form in crystals! 

The kit's directions are very clear about how to start the crystal formation mix and how to build the terrarium. I don't think it will be super easy but with some effort, I think that Abbie will love figuring out how it all works to achieve the best crystal result!

The Cloud Dream Lamp is a DIY kit for girls to create, build, and decorate! Supplies include a nylon lantern, LED strip light, polyester fluff, lots of decorating items, and yard. Needed supplies include: scissors, ruler, bowl, small screwdriver, and 2 AAA batteries.

While making the lamp, girls will learn about the formation of clouds and maybe even learn a little bit about light in the process! This kit is pretty straightforward and most of it is taking the time to decorate however creativity inspires!

The Rainbow Paper Craft Kit incudes 3 projects: a piƱata, a light-up lantern, and a bowl! The kit contains precut pieces, tissue paper, construction paper, ribbon, brads, tape, balloons, craft glue, and even a flameless tea light (for the lantern!). Some items are needed such as plastic wrap, scissors, ruler, string, tape, and a small screwdriver.

While making the paper projects, kids will learn about the pulley/level system, paper mache, ratios related to a compass, and maybe even figure out how to build a secret trap door! 

These GoldieBlox kits are the perfect way to entertain, teach, and help spark interest in the young girls in your life! I recommend that you check out GoldieBlox STEM kits as one of your gifts under the tree this year- especially if the child in your life loves to learn, make new things, and be creative! 

Want it? Get it! 

Ready to purchase GoldieBlox Stem Kits? 

Head over to the GoldieBlox website or to Amazon to view and purchase the entire collection!

Need Inspiration? Head to GoldieBlox Social Media for projects, ideas, and tips! 

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