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Steeped Coffee: Refreshing in a Cup

Coffee! It has to be one of my favorite things to enjoy on a daily basis. From starting my morning to an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee is a little bit of a ritual for me. For an easy cup at home or to take to the office or on the go, try Steeped Coffee. The variety of flavors are so yummy and every cup is easy to make. 

The holidays are around the corner and I have made it a mission to support local or USA made products. Steeped Coffee is just that. They pride themselves on having a quality company with hard workers and all the products and manufacturing happen right in Santa Cruz. 

It was even smiling at me.

I tried the Sunrise Blend. Crisp, refreshing, and a light roast. The coffee is so easy to make and I love that I could even take it on the go to my in-law's since they don't have a coffee maker. You simply need hot water and a cup. The quality of the coffee must be very high because I cannot even tell the difference between the Steeped Coffee and a brewed cup of coffee. 

Easy, delicious, and locally made. 

Want it? Buy it!

You can buy Steeped Coffee in packs. 

If you are interested in their variety of roasts, check them out. 

Steeped Coffee is delicious, easy to make, and very affordable. 

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Which roast would you choose first? 

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