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Keep the Chill Away This Holiday Season with Wrap Away™ #MBPHoliday20


Thanks to Wrap Away™  for sending product to help facilitate this review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

It seems like we all know at least one person who is always cold as soon as the temperature dips below 60°. Here in Connecticut, as soon as October 1st rolled around, I was unpacking the fleece blankets and placing them on the backs of our sofa and loveseat. I have lived in Connecticut my entire life, but lately, the cooler weather has affected me differently and has me reaching for something, anything, to help warm me up. There's a small problem though. When I do finally get warmed up enough, finding a convenient spot to store my bulky sweater or oversized hoodie isn't always an option. That's where Wrap Away™ comes in!

Wrap Away™ is a stylish wrap that folds into itself (6"x5"), making it easy to transport in a purse or even on your wrist. Founder, Renée Hernandez Thurau came up with the idea because she wanted something that could be easily transported in a purse, readily available to drape on when visiting a restaurant or other destination where the air conditioner could be blasting. Fascinatingly, she created the prototype out of a pillowcase from her own linen closet.  

Now we, like many others, have been limiting the instances in which we leave the house, so you may be wondering to yourselves what difference it makes whether I toss a bulky sweater on a dining room chair, ball up my hoodie, and set it on the arm of the sofa, or have something that can fold neatly into itself becoming small enough to take up limited space on the coat rack. Let me tell you, it makes a difference. 

Alright, I still need to organize the coat rack, but the Wrap Away™ definitely looks better here than a sweater or hoodie would look tossed onto furniture!

First, I'm still looking forward to the day life returns to what I considered normal and I'd like to make sure I'm prepared for when it happens. Second, I need to break some bad habits. Being home so much has made me a lot more aware (and extremely self-conscious) of my lack of consistent organizational and less than stellar housekeeping skills. Items tossed where they do not belong has turned into a huge pet peeve and having something that would take up only a bit of (what would be considered) valuable storage space makes my heart happy. 

I received the Rose/White wrap and it's so soft and beautiful. It definitely adds a dash of style to an outfit, all while keeping the chill away from the person wearing it. I've worn the wrap mostly around the house, with my go-to "uniform" of jeans and a t-shirt. While it works with that, I'm looking forward to the day I can pair it with something just a bit fancier. 

I have also brought it along while running errands and visiting my Gram. She loved it and will be receiving (at least one of) her own soon. 

I know 3 other ladies who wouldn't mind getting their own Wrap Away™ - my sister Jess and both of my girls love mine and each found a different way to wear/use it!

Want One? Get One!

The Wrap Away™ would make a fantastic gift for any of the women in your life. It's currently available in 6 great colors and even comes in a "Chill Edition" (currently available in 1 color, Heather Grey) which is designed to keep you cool on a hot day! 

Visit the Wrap Away™ website  to order today. Be sure to connect with Wrap Away™ on social media as well!
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