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It's TIME To Ignite Your Child's Creativity With Little Learning Hands 3D Diamond Clocks #MBPHoliday20

Thanks to Little Learning Hands for sending product for review. All thoughts shared are my own.

I've been looking for more "hands on" gift ideas for the kiddos in my life this holiday season.

I'm sure there are going to be new Nintendo games that my children are going to enjoy playing this Christmas and I have no problem with that! However, when I see a fun activity that actually results in a functional item that we can use in our home, I get excited. 

These are the new 3D Diamond Clocks by Little Learning Hands and they were kind enough to send over a few of these adorable clocks for my kiddos! 

Included in the kit for $16.99, your child will find everything they need to create a beautiful, hand-crafted diamond clock. I'm sure you've seen some of the diamond artwork floating around the internet and maybe you've been curious to give it a try. That was also me. Having two little boys, I think they will be most excited about the sports clocks and maybe even the butterfly clock. I think my sweet niece would love the mermaid clock!

Which clock is your favorite?

I think I love the butterflies and soccer clocks the most! Other than being simply adorable, these clocks offer a great opportunity for your little one to be engaged and hone in on fine motor skills with concentration. It takes focus to pick up the diamond and place it in the correct spot on the clock. Mental concentration is an amazing way to stimulate your kids and even exert some energy, believe it or not. 

I love that when the project is complete, you can hang it on the wall in their bedroom and everyday when they look at their clock, they will see something they created. This boosts self-confidence in a big way!


You can snag the mermaid, butterfly, football or soccer clock (or all four!) on Amazon for just $16.99. These make the perfect gift for that special kiddo in your life this holiday season. Check out Little Learning Hands on Facebook and Instagram for more great holiday gift ideas.



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