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Is Multi-Functional Furniture The Way of The Future?

It seems these days that there is an ever-present need to be more conscious about how we're living and spending our money. With a Global Pandemic that is continuing to devastate our country, things can seem so uncertain. Many people have turned to downsizing, tiny homes, gaining roommates, or even moving in with family. That's why now, more than ever, we need to make sure that what we bring into our homes, or home-shares is purposeful and even multi-functional. 

So how can you incorporate more multi-functional furniture into your home, especially if you're trying to adhere to a stricter budget? Well, Lifehouse, has so many great options to help you achieve this goal and keep your home looking and functioning at its best! There are so many great ways to incorporate more functionality and space into your home. Buying items that serve more than one purpose is how we as consumers, can learn to cut down on waste and bring awareness to our friends and family. 


If you have a small kitchen and find that you're lacking in storage or counter space, then you know how important it is to find furniture that can serve several purposes. One favorite is a kitchen island or cart on wheels, but why? Well, for one, it's easy to move from room to room, so you can wheel it into your kitchen, and then store it in another room or even your garage. It provides more counter space for kitchen prep and storage! Look for a cart that includes drawers and shelves underneath, that way you'll be able to store more products or kitchen items and they won't stack up on the floor or in the corner of the kitchen. 

Living Room:

How about your living room? Do your side tables function as more than a table, or does your seating offer storage too? If you answered no to either of those, then why not change that? If you're in need of more seating in your living room, instead of adding a couch or armchair, why not look into getting a storage ottoman. It'll not only provide you with additional seating but also additional storage as well. Or how about a console coffee table that offers different tiers and compartments to keep your books, remotes, and other living room knick-knacks organized. Nesting tables are another good option to add to your living room, especially if your family is more prone to eating or working on the couch. You'll be able to keep them nestled away when not in use, and easy to pull out when someone needs a table. The look is sleek and functional and very trendy!


For many people, their bedroom is where they lay their heads to rest, and that's it. For them, a bed, a dresser, and a night table are most likely enough to suffice them. Unfortunately, that is just not the case with many of us since COVID because our bedrooms have become a haven. Many people work, eat, sleep, play, relax, craft, and hang out in their bedrooms. This is why our bedrooms need to have thought and care put into the furniture that goes into it. If you share a bedroom, having a room divider with shelves can provide you with extra space to decorate your side of your room without having to give up wall or floor space. Ladder shelves or bookcases can also be used as shoe or purse storage, allowing you to showcase your favorite things and again, saving you floor space in a closet or bedroom. 

There's so much that you can do to your home to take it into the future and make it fit into your lifestyle. There's no need to give up on what you need to make your home liveable when you can make it multifunctional! The next time you go to look for furniture, think outside the box and try your best to make purchases that will serve other purposes than its originally intended use. 

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