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Indulge Yourself Over the Holidays With Dosha Mat- The Premium Acupressure Mat #MBPHoliday20

Thanks to our friends at Dosha Mat for providing product in exchange for this review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I have apparently reached the age where I can understand how my elders always had backaches or some other pain they seemed to be comparing notes on. A few weeks ago, I hoisted a grocery bag onto my shoulder and for nearly 2 weeks after, I was experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain. It had gotten so bad at one point, I could barely make it through the day without crying (the pain and the lack of sleep were a really bad combo).

Thankfully, that severe pain is gone, but in its place, I have been experiencing mild lower back pain. Since I am some kind of weird martyr or something, I like to try and find ways to treat (get rid of) pain without pain relievers. When I heard about the Dosha Mat I was immediately excited to learn about it and test it out for myself. 

About Acupressure and Dosha Mat:

Acupressure is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment- similar to massage, acupuncture, and reflexology. It works by massaging and stimulating key points on the body to promote deep relaxation and healing. Acupressure mats benefit the body by relieving tension, soreness, and pain in the back, head, neck, shoulders, hips, feet, and other parts of the body. 
Acupressure mats have also been used to help enter a deep state of relaxation, enjoy deeper and more restful sleep, reduce stress, eliminate headaches, increase circulation, positively affect the nervous and immune systems, help muscles recover faster after exercise, and increase energy levels.

Dosha Mat's acupressure mats are carefully handmade using the highest-quality, hypoallergenic natural linen. Each mat also contains a removable cushion made of 100% natural coconut fibre. They feature more than 4,500 high-quality acupressure points in the beautiful shape of lotus flowers; made from toxic-free surgical plastic and ergonomically engineered to have the greatest relaxation and healing effects. 

Check out this sweet Turquoise Dosha Mat. It's about 27 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. It's also lightweight, weighing in around 2 pounds.

Check out these acupressure lotus flowers! There is a huge difference in how these feel on your body when your weight is balanced evenly versus how they feel on your fingertips when you accidentally grab onto the mat in (what you realize quickly, but not quickly enough was) the wrong way. 

The removable cushion is super easy to access, but I think I'll be leaving it in there for a while. 

 I am no expert on acupressure, but I do know that I like the idea of finding ways to relax, sleep better, and (of course) to relieve pain and tension in my body. There have been studies on the health benefits of using acupressure mats and the reviews I read for Dosha Mat were so great that I knew if I were to try any acupressure mat, Dosha Mat would have to be the one to try.

My Experience:

I haven't used the mat as often as I probably should. As much as I like the idea of relaxing and relieving pain, finding the time for myself after trying to help 4 kiddos with distance learning during the week, keeping up with the daily chores that come with having 4 kids in the house during the week, and all of the other things this Mom has on her plate- well, obviously I just need to be better at making the time for myself. 
The few times I have used it, I did feel quite relaxed and a little less pained. The recommended amount of time to use your Dosha Mat is 15-20 minutes per usage, and I'd say I probably used it closer to between 10 and 15 minutes each time. It did feel bizarre at first, as your skin is supposed to come into direct contact with the mat, but it didn't bother me as much as I had anticipated. My preferred methods are laying on the mat and sitting on the mat, but standing is pretty great too. The bottom line is that I can see how Dosha Mat, especially with regular usage, would help provide amazing health benefits and I think this season would be as great a time as any to invest in one for yourself, to assist with the tension that tends to creep up during the holidays. 

Want It? Get It!

You can order your Dosha Mat on their website. It is currently available in lavender and turquoise. Also available is their Copper Acupressure Ring, which is used to massage the fingers and stimulate key acupressure and reflex points, resulting in less stress and a calmer mind. I wouldn't mind one of those in my stocking!

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Have you ever tried acupressure before? We'd love to hear what you think about Dosha Mat, so let us know in the comments or swing by our social media pages to continue the conversation!

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