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How to Spruce Up Your Husband's Winter Wardrobe

With the cold months of winter just a few weeks away, it’s time to prepare for the chilly winds and snowy nights ahead. While winter wardrobes are often bulky due to multiple layers, it doesn’t mean you have to comprise style. Even though you might be prepared for the chicest winter ensemble, your husband might be a few trends behind.

Whether you want to surprise him for Christmas or just because, sprucing up your husband’s winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may seem. Take a look at our top recommendations to help elevate your husband’s style this winter.

Pea coat

The pea coat is a tried and true classic that makes any man’s outfit look like it belongs on the cover of GQ. Even though it was popularized by the British army to keep sailors warm on frigid waters, it entered mainstream fashion due to its construction and functionality. 

To keep your husband from shivering this winter, surprise him with a pea coat that suits his style. Is he more sleek and modern? You can never go wrong with a jet black peacoat. Or, if he has a bit of flair, have him try on a plaid or colored pea coat that exudes his personality.

Ugly holiday sweater

Every year, ugly sweater parties become more and more prevalent. Why? Because they’re a great way to have a bit of fun while celebrating the holidays! Look for a men’s Christmas sweater that looks like they’re straight from grandma’s wardrobe from the ‘50s. 

From festive nativity scenes to hand-sewn jingle bells, there are endless ugly sweaters to choose from. You don’t want your husband to roll up in a clean cut J. Crew sweater. Let him show his fun side with a festive, one-size-fits-none ugly sweater that looks like it belongs in Ralphie’s closet from A Christmas Story.


Boots are the ultimate winter staple, essential for dodging puddles of slush and keeping the little piggies warm. While boots can look clunky and unappealing to the eye, there are numerous fashionable winter boots for men that compliment any outfit. For a sophisticated look, wrap up a pair of sleek Chelsea boots for him to open up under the tree. Or, for the more rugged type, you can’t go wrong with duck boots that put him in competition with lumberjacks. Other popular boot ideas include desert boots, brogue boots, and Oxford boots.

Denim jeans

Jeans are a staple in any man’s closet, especially during the winter. A pair of high-quality jeans will not only keep him warm during the cold, wintry months, but will help put a casual twist on any outfit while still helping him look well-kept. There are a few different styles of jeans you might want to choose from, such as:

  • Black jeans: Whether his style is rebellious, business, or boho, a pair of black jeans will leave him looking cool and fresh. They’re easy to pair with almost any outfit, whether it be a leather jacket or a formal suit jacket.

  • Selvedge denim jeans: For a rugged look, a pair of raw-edge selvedge jeans will do the trick. This classic jean style is perfect for winter activities, such as ice skating, cutting down the annual Christmas tree, or an impromptu snowball fight.

  • Denim jacket: When we say jean, we also mean for tops. Denim jackets are perfect for men who want to be casual and edgy. While not perfect for Antarctic temperatures, they make a great layer that’s timeless and pairs well with everything.

Cable knit crew neck

For the more formal holiday gatherings, a cable knit crew neck will make your husband stand out in any room. A classic crew neck with a cable knit design is winter personified—it’s festive but subtle, and warm enough to keep the frostbite at bay. Keep it simple with off-white, gray, or navy blue.

Wrapping up

Your husband might not keep fashion at the top of his list, but you can make it possible by surprising him with trendy, yet classic, winter wardrobe pieces. From the iconic pea coat to a sophisticated pair of denim jeans, these are just some of the Christmas gifts he didn’t know he needed this holiday season.

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