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How to Decorate Your Home with Traditional Living Room Items


A traditional living room is one that will capture any onlooker's eyes. Traditional doesn't necessarily mean wood and all classic pieces. This home decor means it focuses on elegance with just the right balance where every element matches with everything.

For one, traditional living room pieces boast of an unsurprising appeal that is inviting, predictable, and calm. This type of home style is never chaotic, and definitely free of frills. You won't see any steel furnishing or minimalist modern lines here.

A room with this home design has a somewhat outdated look that is consistent throughout the entire room. The typical colors used for this type of style are different variations of brown and beige. However, that doesn't mean you can't play around with patterns. Florals, solid colors, stripes, and geometrics are also welcome in a traditional living room theme.

An Entrepreneur article says people have shifted from traditional furnishings to eclectic pieces. But we say otherwise. Traditional living room products are still in trend and here are a few ideas on what pieces to choose:

1. Wooden accents

Decorate your living room with beautiful wooden accents that showcase its natural straight and curved lines. Traditional living room design should have classic lines with exquisite understated elements.

It should be peaceful and unfussy just like this Coaster oak accent table from Local Furniture Outlet.

2. Deep hues for upholstery

The interior design of this type of home-style banks on light colors on the walls, and deeper and darker hues down to the upholstery and flooring. Grab an armchair or sofa with stunning deep hues of brown or black.

As for flooring, your living room should have oversized rugs or carpets to complete this entire ensemble.

3. Patterned or plain fabrics

Traditional decor ideas don't mean you have to be rigid when it comes to color palettes. You can still make your space unfussy yet fun and lively by decorating with patterned or plain-styled throw pillows, furniture, and even living room accessories.

The fabrics on throw pillows and furniture should also have just the right balance between texture and sheen. It shouldn't be too textured nor too shiny. As mentioned, florals, geometric shapes, stripes, plaids, or any subtle patterns can be excellent ways to make other elements in your space pop. Removable sofa covers are often worth checking out - they’re available in a wide range of different styles and colors, and machine-washable too, so you can always keep them looking at their very best!

4. Symmetrical pieces

One of the most common distinctions in a traditional living room design is symmetry. This theme should carry a visual weight compared to other home decors.

The home furnishings should be consistent but it doesn't mean they should be similar. For instance, you can achieve visual harmony by balancing a piece of an oversized armchair with a small sofa. Place them across one another to create a "visual balance."

5. Glass-inlay sofa tables

A beautiful tandem for your living room sofa is a traditional sofa table with glass in-inlay. For instance, this brown traditional sofa table from Local Furniture Outlet features stunning scroll table legs and a mesmerizing antique finish.

When choosing living room home furnishings, make sure the collection boasts of dark or light woods, subtle horizontal and vertical lines, beautiful soft curves, and an overall calm and classy appeal.

6. Conventional accessories on traditional stands

When sprucing up your room decor in the living room, care to think about the trivial details that complete the entire look. Accessories should be an excellent way to make your space livelier.

Grab accessories like framed prints, china vases, figurine collections, mirrors, or plants. To complement this type of home design, place them in a classic, wooden stands that emphasize their purpose.

Final Thoughts

The traditional design is undeniably here to stay. According to Statista, traditional spaces are one of the most popular choices of homeowners from 2018 to 2020. This year, it sits in second place after modern living room decor. If you want to check out more alluring and elegant traditional living room pieces, check out furniture outlet stores varied collections.

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