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How to Choose the Right Adult Learning Courses


When choosing to study as an adult, we want to know that it will be worth our commitment and our money. Especially as we may be working full time or have to care for children. Adult learning courses are fantastic for those who may simply want to add to their interests, or for those who would like to change their career pathway. Either way, here are some tips to help you choose the right course for you.

1. Ensure That It Is Awarded by Reputable Bodies

There are a huge range of adult learning courses and that means there are many which may not be worth your time. One indicator of a good course is when the qualification is awarded by a highly respected body such as NCFE, Pearson and more. This is important because not only will you get a high quality qualification you will also be desirable to employers who will be more likely to employ you. 

  1. Consider Your Career Prospects

Another tip to choosing the right course for you is to consider where that course could take you in the future. As an example, if you decided you wanted to do a quantity surveying course (QS) would it be able to provide you with the right qualifications to become a QS in the future? There would be little point in spending money in a QS course just for it to provide you with some information and no career direction. 

Whenever you look at a course that you like, research what it can do for you in terms of your career prospects. 

  1. Does It Allow You to Become a Member of a Professional Body?

Another indicator for great adult learning courses is if they give you the opportunity to become a member of a professional body who are experts in the field. One of example of this would be the CIOB, Chartered Institute of Building who are based in the UK. The reason this is a good thing to look out for is because once you are a member of these organisations it will allow you to become more employable as well as have access to many benefits. In addition, you may get the opportunity to attend members only events and access learning materials. 

  1. Is It Flexible for Your Needs? 

A further consideration that you should have in mind is if it will allow you to have enough time to study and complete the course. If you have other commitments you will have to search for a course which is flexible, part time and does not put you under too much stress. You will not want to throw yourself into something that you may not even have time to complete. 

  1. Finances 

Finally, you should consider the finance options. Some courses can be expensive and that is the price you pay for good academic qualifications. However, you may want to check if your course provider offers options for payments like a payment plan where you pay monthly. This can be a more affordable way to pay rather than a full fee payment. 

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