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How Management Software Can Improve Salon Operations



Running a salon business can be tedious, tiring, and complicated. Besides having to deal with the technical aspect of things, business owners also have to think about operations and deal with customer relations. If done alone, running a salon can seem like a crazy idea that no one should do. But there is some good news— software can help! For salon business owners out there, you can breathe a sigh of relief as management software can actually help to make your lives easier; such as by improving online bookings for salons. This software will be able to streamline salon operations, thereby improving efficiency and help maximize profits while cutting costs. There are various areas where software systems will be able to help. And if it seems too overwhelming to start all at once, salon owners can start with one area, to begin with, the digitalization of their business. Here are a few ways that software systems can help streamline salon operations.

Efficient time management

While running a salon business, owners often hold multiple identities. They act as the manager, operator, team leader, marketer, sometimes even cleaner, and sales representative. With the help of software, owners can minimize the time needed for mundane tasks and instead channel their time into doing something else that can help the business improve and become more efficient. Software systems often include features like integrated website and social media marketing management, point-of-sale system, online booking, sales tally, loyalty programs, inventory management, etc. Operators can utilize the software to instantly check and confirm an appointment slot, compare it to the client’s previous visit records, and pull out all upcoming appointments onto one sheet for a broad view. The scheduling tools help to automatically set up appointments, follow up with text reminders to clients,  and even help clients to reschedule and make changes to their bookings if needed. Without a software management system, business owners have to be in charge of these tasks personally or hire a staff just to be responsible for doing them. With a software management system in place, salons can place their manpower in other areas while still ensuring that clients are kept engaged. Clients can also indicate their own preferences or things to take note of online prior to their visit, saving time for employees at the salon. Salon software management systems, such as Track Time 24, thus help to ensure efficient time management and improve overall business efficiency.

Managing customer relations

Besides being able to replace the labor needed for manual tasks like communication and follow-ups, software systems will also be able to play a key role in managing customer relations. In this day and age, clients are increasingly looking for a customized and personalized experience. Software management systems can help to simplify the process of customization and make it easier for staff to personalize the experience for clients.  With the help of software, staff can easily track a client’s preference, what options he or she chose during previous visits, and look at the client’s overall profile. With consolidated customer records and purchase history, employees can easily create personalized experiences and also identify trends across clients. This helps the salons to also create packages, promotions, and sales that will cater to the needs and demands of the client base that they have, providing a customized experience that clients will be unlikely to get anywhere else. 

With the use of software, salons can also follow up closely with clients after their visits to touch base with them. This helps with retaining clients who will then make return visits to the salon, thereby building the salon’s brand and business. The automated system will also send out birthday well-wishes, or greetings for holiday seasons, providing an intimate experience for customers without having the need for extra manpower. 

Boosting work performance

With the help of software systems, salon business owners will also be able to better keep track of each employee’s performance and reward accordingly. This can have a positive effect on business productivity by boosting the staff’s work performance. For example, software can clearly record each stylists’ client return rate, whether they are able to retain clients or if clients move on to find other stylists. By being able to track such progress, business owners can reward according to each employee’s personal performance and growth, like hitting a specific sales figure, etc. On the whole, the software can also provide key business and work insights that discuss performance indicators and overall figures. It helps businesses to keep track of their overall sales performance and compare it with previous performances. This can help them become more efficient by understanding what works, and what doesn’t so that they can follow up with actions that can increase profitability while cutting costs.

Security and safety

Besides the benefits mentioned above, software systems can also enhance the overall security and safety of the business and its premise. Most software is able to be integrated with safety features like on-site surveillance systems. Business owners can now check on the salon by checking the on-site cameras from their phones, tablets, and laptops. Software can also help to safe keep sensitive information like customer payment details and payroll details, which can be easily misplaced if recorded on hardcopy means. Software management systems can also periodically back up the information data, meaning to say that business owners will always have a copy of the most important information in case of accidents like fires or burglary. For businesses that are seeking to move locations or expand, the software also helps to manage the move and expansion with a centralized and consolidated system of information.


After reading all the benefits that software management systems can bring, I am certain that most salon businesses would want to go digital. With the help of technology, business owners can maximize the profits of their business while cutting down on time and manpower needed for mundane tasks, streamlining their business. If you’re a salon business owner, wait no longer, and start digitizing your business with a free software management system!

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