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Hocsocx for Your Active Kiddos


The kiddos get older and become more involved with sports and other activities. Of course, all of it gets more expensive and you want to purchase high quality products that will last; get the most bang for your buck. Hocsocx are just that. They are comfortable compression socks with a variety of cool prints for your kids. 
Where do many of the best inventions start? Necessity. Debbie, a pharmacist and mom of field hockey players, noticed the Hocsocx did not irritate or create rashes on her daughters' shins like the other socks did. Hocsocx are not as bulky yet still provide the same amount of support as other compression socks.

Hocsocx debuted in 2012 and have created success ever since. The company focuses on the three Ps. 
  • Prevention
    • Hocsocx are specifically designed to prevent shin guard rashes. 
  • Performance
    • The light compression increase muscular recovery and endurance. During or after activities, the lightweight, breathable, and supportive Hocsocx are perfect to keep the blood flowing. 
  • Personality
    • There are so many designs to fit every personality of any and all ages. 

Hendrix loved the shark print and had to try them on first. Not only does he play soccer, but he loves to run. The Hocsocx are great for him to practice and even to run in. 

Another focus for this year, as we should all the time, is to buy from smaller companies. What is better than supporting other moms? 

Want them? Buy them!

One pair of Hocsocx will run $16.00. Men, women, boys, girls of all ages can find a pattern or color he or she would love. 

I wore compression socks with my first pregnancy and I wish I had had a pair of Hocsocx then. The moisture wicking material and lightweight design is sure to be the most comfortable you have ever tried. 

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Which pattern would you buy for someone? 

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