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Grams' Jewelry Box- A Reminder of the Perfection That is a Pearl Necklace!

 Pearl Necklace With Knot In Center Resting on Burgundy Fabric

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A few weekends ago my sister, Jess, and I were visiting our Gram. During almost every visit, she can't help but to try and give us something to take home. This visit was not different, and after enjoying a nice lunch and some coffee, Gram decided to bring out some of her jewelry, including more than one pearl necklace

A Picture of Rings in a Jewelry Box
Some of Grams' jewelry collection. Even a ring had some pearls on it!

When I was younger, I remember pearl necklaces being a special sort of traditional piece that everyone had. Many of the women I knew or even saw on television, seemed to have at least one "good" pearl necklace in their jewelry box. I remember stories of pearl necklaces being passed down on special occasions, like wedding days or Sweet 16 birthdays, even though I don't quite recall who was doing the storytelling. Times seem to have changed a bit though.

As Gram was going through all of her jewelry and recalling who gifted her which pieces (so many from my Grandad), she kept offering pieces to those of us sitting at the kitchen table. We politely declined piece after piece (we want her to keep her treasures), which went over about as well as politely declining food from her- she just did not stop offering, until someone finally said yes to something. When she showed us all the first set of pearls, I could tell she felt a little flabbergasted when nobody showed an interest. She seemed even more bothered when someone mentioned that people don't really wear pearls anymore. 

As someone who spends many days jewelry-free (a habit from my childcare working days) even I am surprised about the indifference toward something that was once so treasured. 

Picture of a woman's neck, she is wearing a gold chain that has a single pearl dangling from it

Perhaps, as styles and tastes change, it should be expected to have periods where something so elegant and classic is forgotten or underappreciated, but I'm sure I'm not alone in the belief that we need to get back to adorning our décolleté with either a string of pearls or even a beautiful chain with a simple single pearl dangle. 

How about you...any pearl necklaces in your jewelry box? 

Let us know how often you wear them and your favorites ways to pair them with your wardrobe in the comments. Be sure to catch us on our social media pages too! 

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  1. I love pearl necklaces! They are so elegant and dress up any outfit! Thanks for the inspo!


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