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Giving My Curls New Life Just In Time For The Holidays With Cocunat #MBPHoliday20

Thanks to Cocunat for sending product for me to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

I spent the majority of my life with bouncy, tight curls that honestly landed me compliments almost every single day. 

I've never really talked about my hair in a public way because it almost seems silly to focus on something so superficial, but the reality is that for most of my life, my hair was the one feature I possessed that made me feel uniquely beautiful.

People would say to me, "You must long for straight hair. Everyone with curls always hates their hair." These comments shocked me because I never hated my hair. I absolutely loved it! I was identified as the girl with the big, curly hair. It became a part of my identity and I didn't mind it one bit. If I'm being honest, the constant compliments did a lot to boost this chubby girl's self-esteem. 

When I reached my 30's, everything changed. I had two children, a hysterectomy and lost 100 pounds. Wow, I know. That's a lot to unpack in one sentence but for the sake of time and space, I feel it's necessary to my story. After these major life events, my body changed and as a result, so did my hair.

My curls seemed to just drop right out of my hair. They disappeared within the course of one year and the entire texture of my hair changed. I started cutting it short into a bob to try and get them bouncing once more. After years of having my hair cut and trying every single product on the market targeted to curly-haired girls, I gave up and started to straighten my hair every single day.

I have gotten so used to straight hair being my new norm, that I no longer say I have "curly hair". I never could have imagined a day would come that I would say this. I had tight ringlets, after all! The change in my hair and my body marked many changes in my life and it hasn't been until recently that I have begun to search for a way to reignite my hair. Maybe hair can have "muscle memory" or maybe not. Maybe I'll just have waves with a few curls here and there that looks like a mismatched outfit when left to it's own devices.

I came across a brand called Cocunat that intrigued me enough to reach out to them because I knew I had a story to tell about my hair journey. I wanted to take Cocunat along with me for the ride in discovering if my hair can once again find it's bounce.

They sent along this 3-step curling system and gave me some instructions on how to use the #curlygirlmethod to utilize these products in the best possible way. I followed along and honestly didn't really know what to expect. I just knew that I had an open mind and a strong desire to find my bounce again. What I first noticed is the super pleasant scent of all three products. That's a concern of many of my friends but I really enjoy the light fragrance. These products are natural and non-toxic which made me feel good about putting them on my hair.

This trio of products is on sale right now for $71 and will help you achieve flexible, loose curls, no matting and no frizz. Products I've used in the past tend to make my hair feel greasy to the touch. I absolutely despise that feeling and like to touch my hair a lot throughout the day. 

The Capillary Serum, Curl Booster and Curl Spray work together to help you achieve a beautiful look. There are detailed instructions on how to use these three items on their website which I found super helpful. 

When using the above products as described in the link above, I'm finding that my curls or waves are are looking prettier than they have in quite some time. They may never be ringlets again as I believe my hair truly did change, but my hair can look healthy and uniform and I now have the tools to help with that.

I'm still a work in progress and want to learn even more as I dig deeper into the curly girl method. Maybe before it's all said and done, I can once again say that I have curly hair. For now, I'm content to have wavy hair, especially when I have the right products that help my hair to look and feel it's best. 

Thanks so much to our friends at Cocunat for sending over these products for me to try! They are helping me to believe that I truly do not need to straighten my hair every day in order for it to look healthy. If you want to give Cocunat products a try, check out our Holiday Gift Guide on our main page for this and so much more!


Cocunat products are available on their website so head over and grab some amazing products for your holiday shopping! Make sure to stay connected to Cocunat on Facebook and Instagram so you do not miss out on new products!



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