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Give the Gift of Good Health with 64Hydro

This is a Sponsored Post by 64Hydro. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

In the spring, summer, and even on 80 degree fall days, I find it easy to stay hydrated and keep a water bottle near me. The humidity and sun remind me that my body needs water to stay hydrated, to prevent headaches, and even to help regenerate tired and sore muscles! 

In the winter, I often forget to drink my water. Suddenly, hours fly by and I don't remember the last time I picked up my water bottle, let alone how much water I have consumed on any specific day. 

64Hydro Water Bottles will make it a lot easier to stay in good health and to keep up my water intake as I stay indoors more! 64Hydro aims at keeping people hydrated with water trackers, creative designs, and on-the-go accessories. 

Water is so important to keep hydrated. Speaking from experience- dehydration is no good for your body, soul, or time, so it's important to stay hydrated and drink your water! Water helps us keep good health so that we can continue to be at our best for our friends and family. Help your friends and family stay in good health this year with a new 64Hydro water bottle!

This holiday season, gift your friends and family or even yourself the 64Hydro Tracker Water Bottle.

The 64Hydro tracker will help set goals, create a routine, and grow daily water-intakes! With the tracker marks, I feel very easy to meet water intake goals throughout the day. Tracker marks show how much water I have been consumed, how much the water is left, and hourly marks as a reminder to consume water each hour!

I also usually forget to carry my water bottle with me. Luckily, with the bottle’s convenient strap and flip-top lid, I always remember to bring along the bottle on the go! It is also very light and easy, so I just pop it into my bad everyday! No more heavy bottles banging around my pack.

In a world where we are careful about chemicals and single-use plastics, 64Hydro Tracker Water Bottles are a great solution. I feel very comfortable using the bottle as all bottles are made with 100% BPA free plastic. They are much less harmful than single-use plastics, and definitely last longer than glass. I have never noticed any strange smells or funky taste of my water.

I also realize many small benefits of the bottle just after a week of using it. It resists dents and scratches, so there are no signs of the print on the bottle fading away. The sturdy material also ensures non-slippery and non-fingerprint, so no accidental drop and no dirty signs on my bottle the whole time!

Drinking from the water bottle has been very easy and comfortable for me too! Since it has a straw on the bottle cap, I don’t have to tilt my head while drinking. Also, since plastic is much sofer than steel, so I don’t feel irritated when rubbing my teeth against the bottle.

There are so many wonderful collections that the perfect gift can be found for everyone! Sports, Animals, Faith, and even career based designs will be sure to be great gifts this holiday season! 

64Hydro Bottles will inspire anyone to better health by drinking more water! Several bottles can be personalized for your favorite person! Such a unique gift- a personalized bottle that inspires good health and good habits! 

If your loved one wants to keep their drinks cool and refreshing, the 64Hydro Stainless Steel insulated 32 oz water bottle is the way to go! 

Double Walled Insulation, Straw Lid, and a thick handle will make the stainless steel bottle perfect for those trips out hiking or to the beach, keeping your drinks cool for up to 24 hours. 

Using quality stainless steel, the 64Hydro Stainless Steel water bottle won't rust so don't worry if it's forgotten in a day bag or the back of the car! 

Want a tumbler option? The 64Hydro Stainless Steel Tumbler with flip lid can help keep your drinks cool for up to 12 hours. Great for long days at the desk, or in meetings, the tumblers designs and insulation will help you stay hydrated all day long!

The 64Hydro Stainless Steel Tumbler can be personalized with a luminous finish that's visible in the light! This is an incredibly cool gift idea- one that will be sure to make your loved one smile! 

The 64Hydro Tracker and Stainless Steel water bottles will become the best water bottle that you have owned! Do your health a favor and purchase one of these water bottles. I absolutely love the tracking features, the BPA free materials, and the hand-strap! 

From Personalized Tracker Bottles to the Stainless Steel Tumblers, 64Hydro will make the best gift to help your loved ones stay on track with their goals in the new year! 

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