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Families and Foodies will love Dorothy Lane Market! #MBPHGG20


Thank you to Dorothy Lane Market for sending me these items in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Growing up, I was a picky eater- the kind that hated her food to touch on her plate. As I've grown up and traveled, my food horizons have definitely expanded. On vacations, I love trying regional products that I might incorporate into my cooking. For the most part, jams and spreads are right up my alley, but lately I've been attached to various types of cheeses and charcuterie meats! I also love sweets.. and of course coffee! I'm far from a foodie and definitely don't go around to the fancy expensive places in town, but I love receiving items as gifts, or purchasing items I've recently tried. I also love gifting to others who I know love some of the same things I do. 

Dorothy Lane Market will make your family (and any foodies at home) very happy with their unique gift sets and products! As an Ohio based gourmet specialty supermarket, Dorothy Lane has grown to serve customers across the country through their online store. 

While I live in an area with lots of regional foods, it can be hard to find specialty items (that aren't seafood based) here, so I love finding companies that offer condiments, cheeses, and other products and that will deliver to my door!

Offering specialty items from surrounding Ohio companies, such as the Killer Brownie Company, Dorothy Lane will certainly satisfy the sweet tooth, food lover, and caffeine addict in your life! 

I was sent two gift sets to try out: Caffeine Bliss and the Pub House Grilled Cheese Kit. These two gifts sets were absolutely perfect! 

The Caffeine Bliss Set offers coffee and chocolate together!

The Caffeine Bliss set comes with a Dorothy Lane Market Mug, a 12 Oz Bag of 1948 Dorothy Lane Market Classic Dark Roast Coffee beans, and a 4-set box of brownies from the Killer Brownie Co. The Brownie set flavors include salted caramel, original, peanut butter, and cookie dough. The coffee and brownies are a perfect combination for any caffeine and sweet lover out there! 

The Killer Brownie Co gift-set: 4 pieces of gooey goodness! 

Brownie pieces are large enough for more than one setting, unless your sweet tooth decides to take over! I especially love the peanut butter and the cookie dough flavors in this kit. The Coffee Bag is full of flavorful beans so grab your grinder and get to work to create a perfect cup of coffee! If you can't travel this holiday season but want to impress the caffeine lover in your life, this gift-set will definitely do the trick!

Pub House Grilled Cheese Kit will impress your family!

On the North Carolina Coast, we get our fair share of rainy cooler days, but not usually in late September. While it might rain, its typically hot and humid along with the wetness. Recently, one Saturday welcomed gray skies and a temperature in the 50's- perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich! Regardless if your weather is cool or hot, the Pub House Grilled Cheese kit will definitely delight your lunch crew.

The Farmhouse Fresh Bread arrives with instructions to revive with a water mist and a oven bake. This artisan bread is perfect for grilled cheese! Cut the Cotswold Onion and Chive Cheese, spread the Blackberry Farm Onion Jam on your bread, and get to making your sandwich! 

A Bread knife is a must for the Farmhouse bread! 

We know that grilled cheeses can be made so many ways: the stovetop, griddle, oven, and even on an actual grill. Choose your method and grilling away! Due to the thickness of this wonderful bread, I decided to bake my grilled cheese, spreading butter on the tops and bottoms of the bread. I know- most folks use a griddle, but I was afraid flipping it would cause chaos. The sandwich came out wonderfully toasted, exactly how I love my grilled cheeses!

While Dorothy Lane does not recommend a serving size, given the size of the bread loaf and amount of cheese, I think you could easily feed your family of 4, using the cheese sparingly. It really doesn't take much cheese to make a great sandwich though! The Cotswold Cheese and Onion Jam flavors pair really well together, but if you aren't an onion lover, I would hesitate at this particular gift-set and try one of the many others!

A great grilled-cheese lunch on a Saturday afternoon at home!

Whether you have family coming into town, you want to surprise your loved ones when you visit, or you just can't safely travel; Dorothy Lane Market has what your fridge and foodies need! You can find individual condiments, individual gourmet foods, and lots of gift-sets to satisfy any type of hunger craving. Also, if your loved ones love subscription based services- don't be afraid to gift one of Dorothy Lanes Monthly bread, cheese, or cookie/brownie "Clubs". 

Definitely head to Dorothy Lane Market this holiday season to have what you desire/need shipped directly to your door! Fast Delivery, cooling packs, and prompt shipping help keep your products safe as possible until they arrive inside your home.. or your loved one's!

Want it? Get it!

Visit Dorothy Lane Market's Online Shop to find the Caffeine Bliss and Pub House Grilled Cheese Gift sets and much more! 

Check out Dorothy Lane Market on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to learn about their in-house and online market items, especially local to Ohio products! 

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