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Don't Miss TERRA WILLY: An Out of This World Adventure for the Whole Family!


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Looking for a little fun and adventure for the whole family? You won't want to miss TERRA WILLY, available everywhere On Demand today, October 27th! When a young boy crash lands on an unexplored planet, he must rely on a survival robot and an alien creature to help him find his way home. Perfect for all ages, this movie combines beautiful animation with a heartfelt story of friendship and survival!

My kids are four and ten, so it can be tricky to find movies which are fun and entertaining with that 'cool factor' my 10-year-old craves. While most Sci-Fi flicks are way too dark or scary for my youngest, TERRA WILLY is a fresh new animated adventure, which introduces kids of all ages to the wonders of space, the amazing idea of life on unexplored planets, and a super cool message that kids need to hear- they CAN do anything!

After Willy is separated from his parents during a space mission gone awry, he teams up with his bot and lots of new friends to survive on a beautiful planet. While there is plenty of humor throughout this fast-paced adventure, there are also sticky situations that WILLY must face and find solutions to if he wants to survive, and ultimately be reunited with his family.

We enjoyed a family movie night in, watching TERRA WILLY together. As we cuddled up to check the movie out, I couldn't help but notice the smiles on BOTH of my kids' faces! I loved seeing their reactions to the funny bits, the love in their eyes during heartfelt moments, and their own self-confidence soar as they promised to be more like Willy. There were a couple of creatures that scared my four-year-old a bit, but it was nothing that a quick cuddle from her dad couldn't fix.

From a parent's perspective, the movie is absolutely gorgeous! If nothing else, watch TERRA WILLY to be blown away by the beautiful, colorful terrain, and the sweet animation. Hubby and I loved the music throughout the film, noting the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra provided the music for the film.

Bringing the whole family together to see TERRA WILLY was so much fun!

Rated PG - great to watch with the whole family.

TERRA WILLY is currently 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are loving it!

Check out the trailer for TERRA WILLY!

Don't miss all of the fun and adventure of TERRA WILLY!
TERRA WILLY is available now on Amazon, iTunes, and more!

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