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CBD vs CBG, CBN, and CBC: What Cannabinoids to Choose

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The tremendously thrashing flood of Cannabinoids, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC cannabinoids, is almost unbelievable. The public is using various cannabinoids for their miraculous effects on health. Having no side effects at all or at least way less than invasive treatments makes it the perfect fit for improving various health conditions. 

All cannabinoids have quite similar effects with some variations. So choosing from CBG vs CBN, or CBD vs CBC, is no less than grinding stones! Most of the newbies get a hard time figuring their best fit-out. So this article is all about comprehensively comparing the effects and benefits of each of them. So you better learn what to choose in this “buffet”. Stick around to make your decision. 

  1. CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the most popular cannabinoids, probably not because other cannabinoids aren't effective but because it's the second most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Being abundant and equally effective made it the centre of all spotlights for the public and the experts. CBD oil has already been subjected to various experiments and studies. It's neither intoxicating nor addictive for the subjects. 

CBD Benefits

  • Pain management through interaction with pain receptors in case of severe medical conditions or minor Injuries. 

  • Research shows its potential of assisting in conditions that involve inflammation. 

  • Induces calming effects in mind. 

  • Helpful for improvement of appetite, also manages conditions like nausea; calms the brain and reduces peristaltic movement of the oesophagus. 

  • It helps your skin glow naturally!

  1. CBN

Cannabinol vs Cannabidiol is always a very undecidable situation for most people. So let's make it easier for you. CBN cannabinoid is found in minimal amounts in the cannabis plant. It also suggests that it will be hardly available and that too at higher prices. But when combined with other cannabinoids in full-spectrum products, it can do wonders! 

CBN Cannabinoid Effects

A very negligible psychoactivity characterizes this cannabinoid. Well, the users won't feel intoxicated at all. As for its potency, we may say that you have an idea of how potent THC is; it's just a quarterly of it. 


  • CBN is especially known for its sedating effects. So when paired up with other cannabinoids such as CBD, THC in full-spectrum combos, it may turn out as powerful bedtime products for insomniac patients.

  • It may also help with the mechanism responsible for dealing with inflammation. 

  • It can actively interact with the Endocannabinoid system to aid in situations that come with pain. 

  • It tends to facilitate bone strengthening and promotes bone health. 

  1. CBG 

Cannabigerol, originating from the cannabigerolic acid, typically makes up no more than 1% of the hemp plant. Being found in trace amounts makes its isolate forms very expensive, but it may help a lot when paired up.


  • It might help with pain and the factors that control it. 

  • Interaction with happy hormones may help with stressful situations. 

  • CBG’s pain relief. 

  • It tends to decrease threats of neurodegenerative diseases by strengthening the nervous system.

  • Helps enhance appetite. 

  1. CBC

CBC or Cannabichromene ranks third in its abundance in the hemp plant, CBD and THC being the first two. It’s known for its entourage effects when paired up in combos. 


  • Assistance in pain and inflammation

  • Promoting healthier brain activity. 

  • Help the skin glow and fight acne 

  • Induces a calming effect in the brain.


CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid after THC, making it easily available and widely applicable in various health conditions. Other cannabinoids, although having quite similar health benefits, only make their way to the full spectrum combo products. No doubt, the entourage effect of all multiple cannabinoids is all one could ask for!

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