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Can You Use Copper Pots On An Electric Stove?

You can see that copper pots are widely used cookware. Purchasing one for your kitchen would not be a bad idea. But while you are using an electric stove in your kitchen, you may wonder about something. Can you use copper pots on an electric stove? Here we are to help you find out the answer. Before getting into it, let’s see how an electric stove works. It will help you to get a better understanding on it.

How Does Electric Stove Work?

There is a heating element inside an electric stove which produces heat from the electrical energy. The heating element is a set of coils, and it has wire inside of the coils. An internal coil is also there in a smooth electric cooktop placed on the bottom side of the cooking surface.

The mechanism starts working when you turn on the stove. The electricity passes through the wire to the coil that heats the metal of the cooktop. The cookware on the top of the stove gets heat from it, and the ingredients inside the cookware start getting cooked. You can show a bright orange color when the electricity turns into heating energy. If you increase the frequency of electricity, it will produce more energy for the burner.

Advantages of Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is a commonly used kitchen appliance due to its excellent benefits.

Temperature Control

Copper is known as great heat conductor material. It can react to the change in temperature quickly. So, ups and downs in heating are not a problem for copper. For this capability, it is well compatible with most of the common types of cooktops.

No Hotspots

The heat can transfer throughout the surface rather than to the center of the copper cookware. So, even heat distribution is ensured. No places can be left unheated. Food can not leave sticking residue to the surface. So, copper pots and pans do not produce any hotspots on the cookware surface and cooktop.

Balance Weight

Balance weight means it is neither too light to operate nor too heavy to lift. It would be convenient to use for cooking as it can carry good weight. So, the chance of slipping is also lower. You can carry it in one hand and move it easily.

Easy to Clean

As we mentioned earlier, due to even heat distribution on the copper cookware, very few food residues can stick on the surface. So, you will face less hassle to clean your copper cookware.

Less Cooking Time

The heat conductivity of copper cookware is outstanding. As soon as it gets the heat, it transfers the heat throughout the surface. So, the food gets cooked within a short time.

Disadvantages of Copper Cookware

Well, copper cookware has some disadvantages too. You need to pay attention to these cons before start using it.

Reactive to Food

Copper cookware is reactive to acidic foods. This kind of reaction can make the food toxic. It could be harmful to your health. To avoid this kind of situation, copper cookware should be lined with stainless steel or aluminum material.


The prices of copper pans are little more than average budget cookware. You may find some other cookware with good material within lesser prices. But remember one thing, you should not compromise with the quality just for some extra bucks.

Need Careful Maintenance

It would be best if you washed your copper pans and pots by hand as they are not dishwasher safe. Also, you need to dry up the pans and pots manually. It is necessary to avoid getting corrosion on it. You may have to polish it sometimes to sustain its shiny look.

Can You Use Copper Pots On An Electric Stove?

You can use copper pots on an electric stove. But you need to be attentive to do that as copper has some techniques using on an electric stove.

The electric stove performs at its best with flat-bottom cookware. It is useful to get even heat distribution. The pot which has a copper core on the top and bottom side is capable of ensuring that. The heating up process of the electric coil stove is slow. So, preheat is necessary before you start cooking. Just start heating the pot when you are preparing the ingredients for cooking.

Copper is a superior heat conductor. Its adaptation power to heat is excellent. It can react faster to the source of heat. On the other side, an electric coil stove takes a little more time to heat up. It is capable of increasing or reducing temperature gradually. Copper can adjust to the change of temperature quickly. So, the chance of food residue getting stuck on the surface of the cooker is low.

You need to be careful about one thing while using a copper pot on an electric coil stove. As the copper material is malleable, it can cause a scratch on the cooktop surface. So, do not keep the heating on when you are done with cooking. Apart from this one, copper would be the perfect cookware for your electric coil stove.

Final Words

So, with the above-mentioned discussion, we can get the answer to “can you use copper pots on an electric stove?” In short, a copper pot could be a wonderful choice for an electric stove if you can maintain it properly. Copper cookware has an attractive look which riches glow. You can use it in your kitchen to add warmth to space.

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