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Bring Something Fun and Delicious to Your Table with Help From Laura's Kitchen Table #MBPHoliday20


Thank you to Laura's Kitchen Table for sending product in exchange for review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

I love to cook. When I think back, I realize that it's always something that I enjoyed, even though I have not always been one to stray away from my "staples" and try new things. After having children, however, I began to realize the importance of trying new things (seasonings, ingredients, recipes, etc.) and I do my best to include something new to our menu at least once a month. When I heard about Laura's Kitchen Table I was eager to learn more and, in turn, introduce the company to all of you!

Laura's Kitchen Table is a monthly subscription box packaged with food, drinks, and kitchen goodies from female-owned small businesses! The idea was born out of founder, Laura Kockler's, love and passion for good food and supporting female-owned small businesses. 

I received the September subscription box and before I even opened it, I was saying "Yay", so when I did open the box, I chuckled a bit to myself when I saw the note inside. 
Also inside:
Recipe Cards
A Kitchen Conversation Card
2 packages of Stroop Club's Stroopwafels (traditional and chai caramel flavored)
1 package of  Triple A Gourmet Treats' Handmade Chin Chin (original flavor)
A Container of Curio Spice Co's Kozani Spice 
A Jar of River Wave Foods' My Thai Gourmet Sauce  

I could hardly wait to dig into the Stroopwafels, especially after reading on the notecard that the way a "true Dutchie" enjoys them is by warming them over a hot cup of coffee or tea! They are as delicious as you can imagine and I am sort of obsessed. The Chin Chin was also really good. It offers a great crunch and is a perfect trade-off for chips. 

I was a little overwhelmed by finding ways I could use the Kozani Spice and the My Thai Gourmet Sauce, both of which are items I have never used or come across as an ingredient before. Suggestions for each were included, so I will be using them eventually.  I'm really excited to try the sauce on some chicken wings and the spice on some roasted vegetables. For now, each one is sitting in my kitchen for the precise moment I feel brave enough to try them out. The journey of introducing new ingredients/flavor combinations is never-ending, especially when at least one parent (me) is often along as a passenger. 

Want It? Get It!

Visit the Laura's Kitchen Table website for more information on the types of products included in each subscription package and to select the subscription type that is right for you  (or your loved ones). 

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Which item in the September box from Laura's Kitchen Table would you be most excited to try? Let us know in the comments or swing by our social media pages to continue the conversation!

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