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Black bathroom ideas to explore for your master bath


The color black is as perennial as the white. It is elegant, stylish, and bold. And since it is a neutral tone, you can easily combine it with others for dramatic aftermath. You can end up having a dreamy bathroom that you must have seen on Instagram.

So, if you go for a full-scale renovation, here are some black bathroom design ideas for modern decor. Let's check them out quickly.

Ways to indulge in a black bathroom theme

Get a white sink against a black colored backdrop

White sinks can seem to be the mundane choice for their widespread usage. But black and white are trustworthy companions. You can get an undermount white sink for your black countertop, which can be granite or solid surface. It would look classy. You can further enhance the monochrome charm with a black matte finish faucet. Designing with matte black for your faucet color can be interesting as it brings your sink area into focus. Since you access this spot several times a day, you can proudly take in its visual appeal. If you don’t like complicated designs, a single handle faucet with a linear spout can be more than enough. The simple features can make it tremendously modern looking.

Choose stone tiles for a black theme

Stone tiles on walls and floors can blend well with the black interiors. If maintenance is not an issue for you, this feature can stay there for many years in excellent health. It can be water-resistant. And ones with the polished surface will not be much porous. Hence, you will be able to rely on them more. While covering your walls with stone tiles can be safe, you may want to be extra careful with the flooring if you plan to add them there also. The floor can feel slippery. To avoid risks, you will need to place mats or rugs at strategic locations. You don't have to worry about the budget. In stores, you would come across affordable options.

Some people tend to be wary of adding too much black to the décor to avoid darkness. If you also want to keep your area bright and light, go with geometric floor designs. Instead of solid black, you can get something that resembles vinyl tile and play with black and white patterns.

Buy shutters for your black bathroom.

No matter what your bathroom walls look like, you can install water-resistant black shutters for a chic style. It can be a practical solution also as it helps you control light and privacy. So, whether the walls are black or light-colored, think of incorporating this feature for more oomph.

Explore textures in a monochrome theme

You can add plenty of textures to add a touch of your personality and preference to this cozy corner. Colorful mosaics and tiles can make it easy to experiment with this. You can bring different wall tiles and place them in unique patterns to create a magical feel in the interiors. 

Accessorize your space with affordable items

Even if you are lavish with your budget, you don't have to buy everything expensive. A few accessories for a small price can sometimes create tremendous magic. For example, you can buy a gorgeous marble soap dish, dispenser, a ladder for storing towels, storage baskets, etc. All these little things can take your design goals to the next level. You can use them as accents to make the whole black theme work in your favor.

Infuse softness in the bold black background with greenery

Since black can have an overwhelming effect on the environment, you can tone it down a bit by adding houseplants. The indoor plants don't just add softness but also textures. Don't worry about the lack of natural light in your room. You can look for plants that survive and thrive even in darker areas and keep the air fresh.

Put a large mirror on the wall in the black bathroom for light and spaciousness

The deep shade can affect the illumination in your room. To avoid this, you can place a large mirror above your sink to add some metallic light effects. Simultaneously, the mirror can create the illusion of a larger space, making this area look airy and comfortable.

Paint bathroom door black for indulgence

Some people color their walls with black paint. It can come across as a bold statement. However, if you are not ready for this, consider adding black to the bathroom door. With this, you can apply the same shade on any woodwork to extend the darker theme safely. For DIY people, it can be an exciting undertaking.

Give your shower area black plumbing fixtures

The black theme is in for its trendsetting charm. Hence, it should not be difficult to embrace even black showers in the bathroom. You can find unique choices both in the lower and upper ranges. That's why you may not hesitate to give it a try. The whole setup can look perfect.

Designing or revamping your bathroom can feel no less than exciting, especially if you don't have any financial restrictions. It gives you a lot of freedom with experimentation. You can go through diverse choices and mix and match them to get the style you desire for your bathroom. However, it doesn't mean you cannot achieve much within a small budget. It is just that you may want to save a few dollars while selecting your options. Anyway, in this scenario, too, you can build your dream black bathroom using accents all over. Adding little things will not cost much, and at the same time, you can create your décor the way you like it.

When you are on a limited budget, one of the easiest ways to improve the bathroom's old look can be through sink and faucet. You can buy a new white sink and pair it with a stylish matte black faucet to give your favorite corner of the house a trendy touch. Other areas can stay the same, or you can add affordable accessories to exploit the theme.

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