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Benefits Of Air Filters For AC And Furnace


Whether you have air conditioning set up in your home or office, and perhaps a furnace as well for the first, you might have heard that regularly changing their air filters is the proper way to go. But why? What are the benefits of doing so? 

Below are a few reasons why regularly changing and updating 17x21x1" air filters for ac & furnace | Filter King, along with various types of filters, is a valuable investment you should consider, especially for the long-term. 

1. Dust Reduction 

The very purpose of air filters is to reduce dust expulsion and circulation in a room. Think of them as a kind of sieve or screen that stops dust and debris from being trapped in a machine’s internal devices. Thus, they prevent said dust and debris from being expelled once the machine itself is switched on. 

Although the truth of the matter is that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of dust with absoluteness, air filters are able to moderate them and “filter” them out. Hence, the name of the mechanical part. 

Additional Facts

In addition to this, regularly cleaned and changed filters lessen the likelihood of trapping smaller dust particles that are often the cause of allergic reactions and breathing discomfort, in a surprising number of instances. 

2. Machine Life And Maintenance 

Air filters that never see the light of day are among the major causes of air conditioner malfunctions and/ or break down. It’s because aside from shielding you from dust and debris, these filters serve as barriers for the electronic device itself. It closes off those particles from entering the rest of the integral parts of the machine. 

Instead of having to constantly replace your AC, which, in itself, will be very costly and stressful, keep the amount for other emergency expenditures and simply modify and/or replace its filters. 

3. Increased Machine Efficiency 

Did you know that older, overused filters have the tendency to make the AC device run on more electricity? Clogged filters equate to the machine having to “work” twice, thrice, even four times greater than it should, to compensate for the corrupted filter. This, therefore, leads to a larger-than-life electric bill that will shock you to your core. 

Tips to Remember

It’s definitely an additional utility expense that’s unnecessary. Stick to your regular electricity spendings by the simple step of hiring a professional to change your HVAC’s filter. Or you can DIY it (if you have the know-how), as long as you ensure the purchase of high-quality air filters. 

4. A Sustainable Practice 

By “sustainable”, we mean that it’s environmental-friendly. This one’s in parallel to how filter-changing is directly linked to energy consumption. The higher the amount of energy your machine relies on, the higher the chances of it producing greenhouse gases that are detrimental to the atmosphere. 


So, you can do your part in saving the planet by changing filters on a regular basis, and choosing ones that have better MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings. Remember the better the MERV rating, the finer the filtration level. Hence, the more efficient the filter will be, and ultimately, the better the HVAC will operate.

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