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8 Best Major Substitute Of Leeks Which Adds taste To Your Food

 Leeks are large scallions which have a mild flavour and are easy to prepare. They are bulbous vegetables with leafy green tops and white flesh. The bulb is slightly large but not round.

Leaks are a part of the Allium family and an expensive variety of onion. Leeks can be fried, roasted, boiled or braised. They can be caramelized or sauteed too. Leeks are quite popular in soups and salads as well.

Leaks are related to several vegetables such as onions, scallions etc, but add a unique flavour to any recipe. With their firm texture and mild flavour, they are commonly used in many dishes. While looking for leek substitutes, it must be understood that leeks have a unique taste.


8 Best Substitute Of Leeks

Several recipes require leek in a certain amount. Leeks are often confused with onions and at times difficult to get. So in case, you can’t find leeks in the market, here is a list of the best leek substitutes:


Leeks can be substituted with mild sweet onions. As onions have a more pungent and stronger flavour, it is important to taste them before the use. White and red onions have quite a sharp flavour. Yellow onions have a flavour more similar to leeks. 

Onions can be substituted for leeks on a one to one basis depending upon the weight and the volume. It is important to saute the onions before including them in the recipe. This will temper their flavour and sweeten the taste.


Celery does not have the same flavour, but it can be a substitute for leeks in some cases. They look similar to them but do not act in the same way. They break down easily and get mushy even faster. Thus, while using celery, the cooking time must be checked to get the best results. Celery has more Vitamin C and is richer in nutrients.


Shallots are small elongated onions with a mild flavour of garlic. They have a bulb with a grey, reddish or copper skin. They have a mild flavour and delicate texture that makes them equivalent to properly cooked leeks.

Thinly sliced shallots act in the same way as leeks do and are often used in salads or dressings. Their garlic flavour adds taste to the dish. Shallots can substitute leeks on a one to one basis, depending on the weight or volume.


With a stronger flavour than leeks, garlic can act as leek substitutes in some way. Also, garlic includes a lot of health benefits. If used only for flavour, garlic can replace leeks in recipes as well. 

It must be used in small quantities to add the aroma and flavour in the dishes. It must not be used in equal amounts as leeks. Only a pinch or two will do the work.


Onion Powder

At times, onion powder can be used in the place of leeks. It only adds flavour and not substance. It cannot be used in dishes where leek happens to be the primary substance. Onion powder works well in soups and stews where leek is added in small quantities. One tablespoon of onion powder can easily substitute one cup of raw and chopped leeks.


Scallions are long-necked onions with a non-bulging white stem. They have a mild taste and can be used in a cooked or raw form. Also known as green onions, scallions can act a good substitute for leeks. They have a slightly stronger taste but work well in the recipes. 

Wild Ramps

Wild ramps look more like scallions and have a taste stronger than leeks. They have broad leaves and purple coloured stems. Also known as wild leeks, ramps can be directly substituted for leeks. They can be used in any form- cooked or raw. 

Wild ramps have a combined flavour of onion and garlic and are also called ‘little stinkers’. 

Frozen Leeks

Chopped and frozen leeks can be found anytime in the market. In case you do not get fresh leeks, frozen leeks can be easily used in the dishes. They are ready to cook and do not require any additional preparation. Frozen leaks can be used in pie, soups or curries.


Leeks belong to the family of shallots, onions, garlic, chives and scallions. Leeks are related to several vegetables, which makes it easy to find leek substitutes. They are highly nutritious and offer several health benefits.

This article includes all the best major substitutes that can replace leek in any recipe. The only thing that must be considered is the quantity of the substitute used.

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