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4 Basic Tips To Take Care Of Your Leather Wallet


You’ve gone to your favorite online shop for a biker wallet (or any other rad leather wallet, for that matter). Now, it’s time to learn about the basic tips and tricks on how you can prolong its shelf life, while allowing it to maintain its dashing leather aesthetic. Here’s what you can do, DIY-style. 

Leather Care Steps

1. No Overstuffing And Sitting On Leather Wallets 

The first step to take in leather wallet care is to be mindful of the “how” of using it. Although genuine leather is generally flex and fold resistant, it’s best NOT to push the material up to its maximum limit. Remember, the name of the game is lengthening its shelf life WHILE still maintaining its original make and aesthetic. 

The same is true with sitting on leather wallets. We know that it’s something you’re used to, especially for those who like stuffing this money-keeper in the back pocket of jeans. Again, real leather will be able to withstand weight and jarring. But help it out a little by lessening the strain applied to it. 

2. No To Detergent And Soap 

When trying to get small stains off a leather surface, the most practical trick in the book is to wipe it with a damp cloth. No soaps, detergents, or artificial cleansers. A bit of water will do. Also, a slight “dampness” is enough. Don’t drench the cloth in H20!

After using the damp cloth, wipe the leather wallet once more with a dry cloth. Stay away from dryers and other similar heat-generating electronic devices. 

Genuine leather is able to withstand high temperatures as long as they’ve been subjected to treatments during manufacturing. But if you’re unsure of the quality of leather your wallet is composed of, it’ll be better to stick to manual drying to avoid unwanted crinkling. 

3. Leather Creams 

Visit your favorite leather shop (there are dozens online, too) and inquire about the kind of leather cream suitable for your wallet. Several leather makes are coated with vegetable dye for that extra shine that lasts, and the right cream will fortify this feature even more.

There are a number of chemically produced leather solutions that, though they do the work of removing stains, also remove the lustre and hue of leather itself. For this reason, it’s recommended that you choose natural or organic leather creams so as to preserve said vegetable dye. Leather conditioners are also a worthwhile product to consider. 

Note that one of the reasons your leather wallet is beginning to look old is most probably because it’s dry. Such creams and conditioners will moisturize leather and give it that good-as-new look once again. 

4. Leather Oil Versus Generic Oil

There’s a misconception going around that any type of oil can hydrate any type of surface. The truth is that the safest option is leather oil. Other strains of oil-based substances may actually harm leather because the latter can easily absorb oil. And unlike moisture and vapor, oils don’t dissipate completely. Instead, residue will sit inside the leather material. This, then, will cause deterioration and weakening. 

The solution? Instead of DIY-ing it with random oil products you find in the supermarket, purchase leather oil for your wallet.

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