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Anne Spencer said, 'Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard.' Don't we all agree to that? No wonder why coffee has become a reason behind so many meetups. Be it catching up with friends, cribbing over the annoying boss's orders, or taking your crush to a date. Coffee is a universal beau, and there is always a thrill in knowing more about our beaus. So this one is for coffee. Check on Brewed Coffee Guide Official Webpage to learn more.

  1. George Bushington invented coffee. It's not who you are thinking it to be, but a Belgian man with the same name, living in Guatemala, invented coffee in the 1690s. So which George Washington was greater?

  2. History says that a shepherd named Kaldi in Ethiopia had noticed goats dance in after eating coffee beans.

  3. Coffee beans are only called so because they look like beans, but they are berries. It is a fruit that has the potential to take a diverse range of fruit flavours. Coffee can be brewed to taste like plum juice, strawberry jam, etc., depending on the variety, the roast, and the brewing method.

  4. Before learning to brew coffee, the east African tribes used to consume the berry with a wrap of animal fat to boost energy.

  5. The rise of Islam contributed to the popularity of coffee because the religion prohibited the drinking of alcohol.

  6. In 1675, Charles II, the king of England, banned coffee consumption as he felt that people plotted against him in coffee houses.

  7. Coffee Belt is a map that shows the best producers of the coffee crop globally, and India is found to be a significant contributor.

  8. Coffee is the second most traded food product after oil. The highest demand for it is in the US, Canada, Norway, and Japan.

  9. India's best coffee is produced in South India, and 80% of the coffee grown is exported, out of which 29% is only to Italy – No wonder our friends in the south are so particular about their coffee.

  10. People working at Cambridge University invented the first webcam to check the coffee pot's status because, like most coffee lovers, they didn't love coming back to an empty pot of coffee.

  11. Turkey cafes are called 'School of the Wise' and why not? It is indeed the powerhouse behind late-night studies or brainstorming sessions.

  12. Gennaro Pelliccia, the official coffee taster for costa coffee, has his tongue insured for 10 million pounds. (It's not a typing error).

  13. Even though you might be a huge coffee lover, it should always be drunk after you have had a fulfilling breakfast. Drinking coffee post breakfast neutralizes the effect of cortisols and boosts your energy for the day. it isn't the first drink you need in the morning. 

  14. The effect of a cup of coffee is at its peak after 30 minutes of drinking it. So make the most of your most active time.

  15. The body takes 4 to 6 hours to break down half a dose of coffee. So if you drink a cup at 2 PM after drinking one at 9 AM, it might affect your sleep in the evening. It's most effective if drunk between 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

  16. Even though caffeine is a mild diuretic, one doesn't lose more fluid than he intakes by drinking coffee, so it doesn't cause dehydration.

  17. In contrast to the popular belief, light roast and dark roast coffee contain the same amount of caffeine.

  18. Drinking coffee may reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer's, and depression. However, make sure you don't drink more than 37 cups of coffee in a day.

  19. With the passing day, the availability of coffee has become effortless. We even have coffee pods for single time use and machines designed specifically for such coffee pods. But these coffee pods take around 150 years to decompose, so we should switch to environmentally friendly biodegradable coffee pods and be aware of disposing of them properly as well. 

You can now indeed say that you are well aware of the past of your love( we meant coffee, what did you think?), and knowing it may as well have increased your love, but it's definitely not the opposite.

So keep brewing and keep drinking that cup full of bliss!

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