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You'd Think I'd Learn My Lesson?

A few years ago, after growing my hair out for several years, I decided to cut it all off. I didn't go for the usual trim or couple inches, I went in for the kill and hacked it all off to my chin! At first, while I was sitting in the stylist's chair, I loved it, but then after going home and fixing it myself, panic started to build and the realization of what just I had just done was sinking in. I cut probably close to 10 inches off and I was so sure that it was going to look great, unfortunately, it didn't. I had shown the stylist several images of the same cut taken at different sides and angles so she could fully understand what I was wanting. I trusted her, as she was one of the top stylists at this salon. She did nothing close to what I had asked for, and it had a huge effect on how I viewed my hair or what was done to it. So much so, that I didn't cut my hair for almost three years! 

This photo is from 2017 when I cut my hair short the first time. 

Now, during this time of attempting to let my hair grow out, I underwent Invitro Fertilization with my husband and was taking some very strong medication. Unfortunately, some of these medications, along with my hyperthyroidism, was causing my hair to become very thin. I was always known to have thick hair, but now my hair was thinning and kind of stopped growing. So, it took several years to grow it out to a length that before, would probably have taken only a year to re-grow. Hence the reason I had not cut my hair for nearly three years, but that was all about to change! 

You see, it's been extremely hot in Oklahoma. While it hasn't been as hot as it is in some places across the country, we've been in the mid to upper 90's almost every day since late June, early July. Since it's been so hot, and my hair was halfway or more down my back, I thought it was time to cut it. This time I was prepared to give one length that was a good bit longer than I normally would like it, knowing that it would be cut shorter. I explained to the stylist what I was looking for, but she never really asked me any questions as to how I wear my hair on a daily basis. This should have been a warning, but I just brushed it off. I also went into the salon with my hair still somewhat damp and it as natural as it could be, which is wavy with a few tighter curls here and there. I have learned to love my natural hair over the last few years and I wanted to still be able to style it like normal. 

After a quick shampoo and condition, I was back in her chair and she showed me where she was thinking for the cut. Me being dumb, stated, "I think we can go a bit shorter, maybe right below my shoulders?" I wasn't too sure if I had just made the worst mistake of my life, or not, but there was no going back. She just said, "Oh, the style you're wanting is so cute, you can do some many things with it." I trusted that I was going to get the cut of my dreams, but sadly that didn't happen. Unfortunately, the stylist cut my hair right above my shoulders and gave me a very long-round angled layer. She dried and curled my hair, which hid how the cut really is. 

My most recent cut, as of two weeks ago! Not sure that I like it! 

Once I got home and showered, I attempted to style my hair and that's when I realized that she gave me the dreaded, Mushroom Cut. I have face-framing layers in the front, rounded and tapered in the back, and a very short under layer. While I had found so much common ground and interests shared with my stylist, clearly we were on different wave-length when it came to what I was looking for. A few days after cutting my hair, I really thought that I liked it, but upon further inspection, and having to live with it, I can say that I am not a fan of the cut. I want to be able to wear my hair wavy, but the layers are too short, and they just flip out instead of curling. I've had to use heat on my hair almost every day, which is something I never did. I use a good heat protectant, but I'm worried about the damage from just a few short weeks. 

I can't wait for my hair to grow back out. I love my long, wavy hair and I hope that this is the last impulsive hair cut that I make and that I will finally have learned my lesson! 

Have you ever cut your hair on a whim? I'd love to hear in the comments how it turned out? 

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  1. Lol @ you and your stylist being on "different wavelengths," I love a good pun. Long hair on you is my favorite, but the most recent cut still looks cute, especially two weeks out! I love the way you've styled your hair with this new do, too.


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