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Why You Should Get Rid Of Cellulites

 Let’s cut to the chase, cellulites aren’t exactly your favorite thing. Here are some reasons why you should get rid of them.

People with cellulites are often ridiculed. They are very often the target of derogatory terms like cheese thighs, orange peel skin etc. These are exactly the best of adjectives to describe your skin and you would be forgiven to not want to be associated with them. It is a very unflattering description and let's face it, cellulites are by definition, unflattering. These stretch marks are very often found on a person’s butts and thighs and it can severely affect a person’s body image and its associated feelings very negatively. We all want our skin to look as young and tout as possible. Having skin you are not proud of will lead to a host of other complexes that would best be avoided. Before we discuss more thoroughly why you would want to get rid of stretch marks, let’s first what exactly are cellulites. 

Here I will give you some reasons why you should consider methods like exercise, healthy diet, and light therapy for getting rid of cellulite

What exactly are cellulites:

Cellulite in a very basic sense in the fat that is stored under your skin. As the body’s fat cells accumulate, they push out and come up off of the tissue that connects and holds our muscle and skin together. This tissue is made up off a network that is connected via cords that are fibrous. Cellulite occurs when the fat is such that it pushes toward the skin which results in the fibrous cord being pulled down and trying to hold it back. It is similar to what would happen if someone were to push the dough of bread through a mesh strainer. This is exactly the reason why our skin gets bumps and dimples.

One thing that has to be mentioned here is that, cellulite and stretch marks, do not pose any medical concerns. The other thing to mention would be the fact that cellulite and stretch marks are a very common thing to happen to a whole lot of people. The issue is very common. Other than the aesthetics and related issues, there isn’t anything to particularly cure here. Cellulites are benign.

Self Image

Our sense of self is a very important image that we hold in our heads. It is the inner voice in our heads that the self image we have of us has a very big influence on. It helps us navigate the world according to the framework that we have built up in our heads. Self image is very important and it is necessary to have this self image be the best it can be at all times.

This is why you have to try to get rid of cellulites. Who exactly likes having stretch marks? Not many I would venture to guess. This can have a very harmful effect on how we view ourselves. It is definitely not good for our self image. The thing about stretch marks, in general, is that we only expose them to others when we are in a vulnerable state. Most stretch marks occur in places a only trusted lover will get to see, for example, thighs, butts, breasts etc. The person that your stretch marks are exposed to has the very real power of very negatively affecting your self image. So why give anyone that level of power over you, it does not matter how close the relationship between the two is.


When we look and feel beautiful, we perform at the highest level possible by us. Confidence is a huge thing when it comes to attractive personality traits. It is desired by both men and women, does not matter their race, height, sexuality and/or religion. It is a universally celebrated human trait. Those who have it, are enjoying a hell of a ride in life and those who don’t have it, wish they had it. 

Cellulite and stretch marks can affect just about anybody’s confidence. It is an unsightly thing, stretch marks. Any disfiguration or abnormality of the skin is a thing that no one wants to deal with. No one wants to be a person with a skin condition and no one also wants to be involved with people who have it and are as a result less confident and also unsure of themselves. Confidence is another major reason to get rid of stretch marks. It can severely affect the confidence of the person who has it. 

Improved Sex Life

As discussed above, cellulites can significantly affect your self-image and confidence. As a result, cellulites will have a major impact on sex life as a good self-image and confidence is essential to having a fullfilling sex life.

When we are not confident about our bodies and our self-image is low, people who we choose to get intimate with can recognize when something is off about us. When a person isn’t confident in bed, it can be a major turnoff and buzzkill for all parties involved. If a person has issues with his sexual confidence, it can be worsened quite significantly if they have a condition of the skin. When all is revealed to a partner, you want to look as good as you possibly can. Unfortunate, stretch marks do you no good in terms of the aesthetics of your body. Although common, most partners would confess to not having to deal with a lover’s stretch marks. 

Cellulites are an unfortunate part of being an adult. Although medically benign it can have a huge influence on your self-image and confidence. These are two qualities that need to be adequately positive in order to navigate the human condition better. Cellulite and stretch marks do not help with either self-image and/or confidence. And as we have discussed above, it can also negatively affect the sex life of an individual and not do so favorably. Fortunately, there are some treatment plans available to people suffering from this condition and many can get positive results from this. 

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