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Three Covid Tests In Less Than A Month


About two weeks ago I started to feel pretty run-down, short of breath, and just all-around crappy. I took my temperature on a Sunday evening and it was 99.5, which isn't a fever technically, but I was still concerned that it was inching closer to 100. I decided to wait it out that evening with the hopes that I would wake up the next day, and start to feel better, unfortunately, that was not the case. When I woke up on Sunday, I felt even worse and sounded like a frog had made itself home in the back of my throat. I barely had the energy to get out of bed, and yet, I still wasn't running a fever.

After getting advice from my husband and sister, I decided that I should call my doctor and see if he thought I needed to come in? My doctor, who is wonderful and I completely trust, decided that it was best for me to come in and get a COVID test in order to rule it out. With my anxiety now peaking, I was starting to panic and needed to call my husband to help talk me through a small panic attack. He told me that I was doing what is best for me, and for all those that I may have come in contact with recently. While I knew he was right, my panic attack was still telling me to fear what I didn't know. But, nevertheless, I powered through it and headed out the door. 

My doctor did inform me that this test was a bit different from the nose swabs. This one uses your saliva and sputum to collect the sample, is then sent to the lab, and results are returned within 24-48hrs, and it was free of charge due to how our insurance is set up. I was told to park at the back of the building, wait in my car, and to call for the nurse to bring the test out. Once it was time to test, I was handed a cup that looks like a urine sample cup, asked to spit at least a tablespoon's worth of spit in the cup, and try to cough anything that I could up into the cup as well. I had the same reaction that one might have when taking a drug test, I had so much trouble spitting into the cup. A tablespoon of spit doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're on the spot, it's like a lifetime supply they are asking you for. I got as much as I could into the cup, put the lid on as tightly as I could, and then wiped it down with the provided alcohol wipe and carefully put the cup into a sealed bag that the nurse was holding. This was all done with me sitting in my car, windows rolled up unless to pass off items, and then I was on my way. 

I was told that I'd have results within 24-48 hours and if the results were negative, my doctor would text me with the news. If positive, I'd receive a phone call with instructions on how to proceed. Both I and my hubby( since we had direct contact with each other)  had to quarantine until I had my results. I was so nervous and anxious during this time period, but prayer, my family, and my pups helped to get me to pass the time. I found out my results the next evening and thankfully they were negative. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, especially since I work reception at a skilled nursing facility, I was so worried that I could have potentially passed something on to our wonderful residents, but that was not the case!

With the CDC's new guidelines for health care workers, we now have to test weekly. Since I only work there two days a week, I only have to test once a week, however, if you work more than three days you have to get tested twice a week. The tests at my work are nasal swabs, however, they are not the ones that go all the way to your brain. My first nasal swab last week, was very uncomfortable, went into the start of the nasal cavity, and brought a slight tear to my eye. The last one that I had, yesterday, was much more tolerable, didn't hurt and I was able to get through it without any tears. The nice thing about these tests is they are rapid tests. We get our results within five minutes, and since I'm not on the clock when I get mine done, I don't have to wait around for my results. 

All three of my tests have been negative, which is a huge blessing to know. I'm very grateful to have these services available to me, and I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. If you've been asked to get a Covid test, please do so. 

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