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Underrated American Horror Actresses, Ali Larter

I was born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's and early 2000's, which means that I got to grow up during the boom of the Horror movie genre. I'm a huge fan of this genre and I began to realize how many of the actors and actresses in these films are extremely underrated in their field. Many have been in dozens of movies that we've seen multiple times and can probably quote of hand. One actress that has been in numerous of my favorite movies and deserves a huge amount of respect and recognition is Ali Larter.

One of the first films that Ali starred in that I can vividly remember her performance in is Final Destination and Final Destination 2, where she plays Clear Rivers. Clear is a dark, introverted girl who relies on her instincts to help survive the terrible and untimely deaths, that is until she finally meets her own demise. She had been through so much hurt and pain, which Ali expressed so well in being very headstrong, but also timid and unsure of herself and friends at times. As a young teen, I could very much relate to her acting as Clear. As an adult, I relate a lot more to Clear in Final Destination 2 and Ali's portrayal of her and the progression of her mental health issues. She clearly encapsulates the emotion behind having extreme paranoia and doing whatever you can to stay safe. Ali created a character that I think about a lot as an adult and I feel like a lot of us can relate to more than we may wish to admit. Watching these movies as an adult has a much different feel now than it did when I was younger, but the performances hold strong and that is probably one of the reasons these movies have such a cult following.

Now, if you ask my husband what one of his favorite movie series is, he would tell you that it would have to be the Resident Evil Series. Growing up, it was one of his favorite video game series, and the fact that it was made into a Movie Series, made it that much better. For him, the acting is very much on par with how the characters are in the video games, and one of his favorite characters is Claire Redfield, played by Ali. She holds her own in this franchise and brings the character to life. Ali's strong acting skills paired with her gritty performance had many people feeling that she deserved her own movie-spinoff. The way Ali portrays Claire makes me hope that if I ever need a sidekick in life, it's her!

Another Horror movie that I stumbled upon a few years ago, which is a remake/retake of the original movie is The house on haunted hill. This movie genuinely captured my attention from the opening to closing credits. Normally I find campy movies to be cheesy, but this one was one of the better filmed and acted ones. Asylum type horror films will always creep me out, and this one is no exception with such a diverse cast. Ali Larter plays Sara Wolfe, who steals her boss's invitation to a party where she'll have to survive the night in an asylum to win 1 million dollars. While her character in the movie starts to break down and realize that winning this money is not worth potentially losing her life, Ali makes sure that her character becomes such a strong, leading character and never waivers in her performance. She truly leads this movie with her independent decision making, yet still wanting to help save most of the others in the movie. How Ali managed to handle what would normally be a cheesy jump scare, and make it seem like a truly horrifying moment is what makes great acting. She is one of the main reasons that I love this movie so much and I suggest it to people who are looking to watch a great horror film.

Ali is such a great actress, that hasn't let her career fizzle out like a lot of 90's actors have. She has been able to sustain a great career that inspires many generations of fans and hopefully helps new fans find a love and appreciation for acting. Her roles are iconic and timeless, she continues to take on new roles that expand her acting skills and she is an actress that I really continue to enjoy watching and who really deserves more credit and accolades than she receives. If you haven't ever taken the time to watch any of these movies, you definitely should, as they are sure to please! Be sure to make one of these movies your next pick for date night, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. i havent watched some of these pinning this to watch a few of Ali movies.


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