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Tuesday Troubles


2020 has been a year...for everyone...in different ways. Some of the ways we can all commiserate together and others are our own. I'm probably in the minority here, just a guess, but has anyone else had unwelcome, nocturnal creatures invade your personal space? 

Bats. They're cool and I don't mind them being around my property to eat bugs, pollinate, and all the other beneficial things they do. However, I do not want them to take shelter in my attic. 

We first noticed them and got the bats out of our attic a few weeks ago. We safely allowed them to fly out and not return by hanging screen over our vent and creating a very small space for them to fly back up. 

The boys did like saying they saw Batman so there's a silver lining in everything. 

We noticed again this week the bats were back. I went up in the attic and saw one hanging on our vent. They must be desperate for shelter if this is the best they can do. The vent slats are the only option because Jon put screen up. 

Here is where I need your help. I want to buy a bat house to put on our property. I love the bats hanging around, but I want them to stay out of all the houses in the neighborhood. 

Do you have a favorite bat house or any suggestions to help them? 

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