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The Insider's Guide To Comfortable Sandals and Flip Flops

 On a hot summer day, you don’t want to seal your feet into sneakers or boots all day long. You want something more comfortable, where you can feel the breeze across your feet, where you have the option of easily shedding your footwear to feel the grass between your toes.

Finding the right pair of sandals and flip flops can be a trying task. You have to consider foot support, strap style, and durability, among other factors.

There are only so many days in a year where flip flops are both acceptable and comfortable footwear. Don’t miss out on your sandal-wearing window until it’s too late.

Keep reading for all the advice you’ll need to find the right sandals or flip flops for you.

Selecting Sandals and Flip Flops

You might be tempted to swing by any old retail store and purchase the cheapest plastic flip flops they have, but don’t. Why would you wear those sheets of plastic and foam when you could have sandals that form to your feet and last for years?

It will take a little time to find the right pair for your feet and lifestyle, but it will be worth it in the end when you’re walking on clouds all summer long.

Foot Support

Having proper foot support is a crucial consideration when selecting any kind of footwear. Poor foot support can lead to a multitude of other foot issues down the road like tendonitis.

The appropriate level of foot support will vary based on individual foot and arch structure. Some people will need more supportive summer shoes, while others don’t need as much structure.

Regardless, sandals that form to your foot have consistently proved to be a good option for summer footwear.


While flip flops shouldn’t necessarily be your footwear of choice for sports or long-distance hiking, you still want them to withstand your other summer activities.

Durable sandals start with hard-wearing, and ideally sustainable, materials. Sandals for outdoor wear especially are likely to get wet or dirty, so it’s important that you can clean them off without ruining them.

Strap Styles

Depending on your summer routines, the functionality of the straps for your shoe needs will vary.

For the sunshine loungers, simple flip flops for the beach will only need the V-shaped strap that connects at the inside of the big toe. These are perfect for easy removal so you can get your feet in the sand or run down to the water at a moment’s notice.

For active summer adventurers, an additional strap around the ankle will reduce foot slippage. This way you can traverse rocks as you’re exploring the coastline, or you can toss a frisbee around and still keep your shoes on.

Whatever your preference, Flojos has countless sandal options for whatever your summer holds.

Best Summer Sandals for You

It’s never too early to start planning for summer, so it’s time to find the best sandals and flip flops for your summer excursions.

You won’t regret waiting to find the most comfortable shoes for your summer. Whether you plan on basking in the sun at home or traveling to a must-see beach town, you’re going to need a perfect summer shoe to carry you through.

If you’re looking for more summer lifestyle inspiration, head to our blog for more ideas.

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