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Sweeten your Fall with artisan fruits through Laumière Gourmet Fruit


Thank you to Laumière Gourmet Fruits for providing the L'Automne Rectangle Collection in exchange for my review! All thoughts are my own!.

Do you get tired of sending the same candy and sweets to your friends and family? Perhaps you are looking for something different, a tad bit more adventurous, and healthy? Artisan boxed fruits treats might be what you need! As more people look towards healthier ways to share love with others, these boxed treats are becoming increasingly popular! Don't be afraid to make someone feel special this fall and Halloween by sending them an artisan crafted box full of fruit treats! 

I must admit- I've only recently dived into the world of fall fruits. I've never been much for figs, dates, or pumpkin seeds- all key staples in most fall packages. Yet, I was intrigued when I came across Laumière Gourmet Fruits. These treats and their contents are not in my everyday palate, so I was excited to branch out and see if these fruit treats would make a great gift to others in my life! 

Laumière Gourmet Fruits' mission is to strive to provide customers with the best gourmet fruit products so that we can have healthy relationships with our food and bodies. The Gourmet Fruit Boxes use seasonal fruit that are free of chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Luxury Gift Boxes come in two sizes: rectangle (24 treats) and square (16 treats). 

The Fall collection, called L'automne Collection, focuses on the use of figs, pumpkin seeds, and apricots- all great fall fruits! The box arrives with a beautiful striped orange band, which easily slides on and off to hold the lid in place. The box is sealed in plastic, to help the fruit retain freshness during shipping. Inside the box, each pocket holds a marvelous treat- arranged thematically to catch the eye! A small guide is included to picture and describe each treat. 

The L'Automne Collection contains 4 delectable treats:

1) The Pumpkin Spiced Fig: Topped with a Marzipan Pumpkin, this fig treat is my favorite of the package! It is noted that it's an all-time favorite of other customers too. The bottom includes a nice dried fig layer that exudes sweetness, especially with a seeded mixture to attach the top pumpkin. The pumpkin marzipan does include spice- much like the kind found in your fall holiday baking! I can't identify it's allspice, nutmeg, or another flavoring, but combined its creation is sure to please.

2) Crisp Peptia: This combination of roasted pumpkin seeds and raisins on a date base didn't impress me fully on the first try. As I've said, I have had to warm up to pumpkin seeds and raisins/dates over the years, so perhaps the taste together is meant for other lovers of these fruits! It wasn't bad- but just wasn't for my personal palate. I am positive that if you roast and toast your own pumpkin seeds/ raisins, you will love this treat. 

3) Autumn Signature: A Maple Leaf marzipan rests on top of an apricot base. I love apricot- and while I don't find marzipan's taste all that appealing, I became used to it after European adventures, so this combination is absolutely delightful! The dried apricot gives a sweetness to this treat while the Marzipan brings it back just a touch.

4) Dates with Candied Orange Peel: This was my second favorite of the set! Perhaps its the word "candied" or perhaps its just the combination of the candied orange peel and dates that makes this a fabulous treat!

Would I gift these to my mom, a friend, or another loved one that I know loves fruits? Absolutely! At $44.95 (rectangle) and $34.95 (Square) these make fabulous fall gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and just-because gifts! These gift boxes can be customized to include handwritten notes! I absolutely love this feature because it is so hard to include a note when shipping a product away from you! 

I would dare to venture that even the Halloween- lover would dive into this gift-box as well! While not full of ghost and vampires, this collection will certainly have your taste-buds hopping and howling this fall! 

While you need to be aware of the nut allergy-ridden persons in your life, L'Automne Collection is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, no preservatives, and full of natural ingredients! Perfect for the conscientious person in your life!

Want it? Get it! 

Laumière's L'Automne Collection can be purchased on the Laumière Gourmet Fruits website.

Follow Laumière on Social Media to learn more about their seasonal collections!

Do you enjoy dried fruit treats? 

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