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Race Cars or Ruffles? Our Gender Reveal Details!

After 19 long weeks, my husband, Andrew, and I finally got to learn the gender of our baby and we are thrilled so say we are having a little BOY!!! We threw a small, COVID-friendly gathering for our immediate family and included a private Facebook live event for our friends and far away family. I wouldn't change a single thing about this fun party and I wanted to share all the little details with all of you!

Our adventure began on Friday afternoon at our doctor's appointment! We were extremely fortunate that Andrew was able to attend the ultrasound with me. COVID restrictions are just starting to loosen up in that regard. Andrew was very excited to find out the gender alongside our family, so we asked our ultrasound technician to put the gender in an envelope for us. We entrusted a friend to be the "keeper of the gender" and ensure we were handed the correct color confetti at the reveal. Here we are with the secret envelope!

Our theme was "Race Cars or Ruffles?"! My husband is a big car guy, so a race car themed nursery was a given from the start, should our little one turn out to be a boy. My mother helped me make this cute banner using a template on Microsoft Publisher. It turned out great and we saved money by making it ourselves. The balloon weights were found at the Dollar Tree and the balloons themselves were included in the confetti cannons we purchased from Amazon.

Going along with our Racecars and Ruffles theme, I found these darling buttons from a shop on Etsy and attached them to a coordinating string of beads purchased from Party City. They turned out so cute and were a fun way for our guests to show their guess for baby!

We held the party in the middle of the afternoon, so we served finger foods and appetizers. I found the coordinating pink and blue tablecloths and paper plates from the Dollar Tree. It definitely doesn't need to be a black tie event to be stylish and functional!

For the reveal itself, we decided to go with these confetti cannons. They were great because they came with two pink and two blue cannons, so we didn't have to plan in advance. There are so many awesome ideas out there these days as far as revealing the gender of your baby-to-be - colored powder, icing inside a cupcake, balloons in a box, etc. We had such a great experience shooting off these confetti cannons! There was a TON of paper inside these things (trust me, my yard is STILL blue!) and the photos came out beautifully. There was no mistaking that this baby is a BOY!

Finally, we wanted to reveal the name of our little boy to all of our family and friends. We decided on having our Keeper of the Gender spell out the chosen name on our letter board. After the confetti went off, the letter board was brought out and we finally got to tell our family the name of Baby Boy Watkins (who we have affectionately been calling Sprout for 19 weeks!). We can't wait to meet Callahan Matthew in February!

Gender Reveals are an unforgettable experience. There was so much excitement and love all around this past weekend. We are so blessed to have been able to safely share this experience with all of our favorite people! Even our sweet Golden girl, Sophie, got in on the fun!

Share a memorable Gender Reveal experience you've had! Did you have a Gender Reveal party for your child? Tell us in the comments or connect with us on Facebook!

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  1. How exciting! I never did a gender reveal...wasn't a thing in the 80s 😂 However when my son and daughter in law were pregnant with their second child we were positive it was going to be a boy! After all...I had 3 boys & 4 grandsons by then! When they did the confetti cannons it took a minute to register it was PINK!!!


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