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Proven Ways to get more plays on Spotify

When it comes to the music industry, no music streaming platform is more popular than Spotify. Now globally available, every musician aims at uploading their music on Spotify.

Followers, listeners and plays on songs dominate the Spotify algorithm. Musicians work day and night to get some organic growth of followers and Spotify plays. Some also take a short cut and choose the option to buy Spotify plays through various schemes.

The more the plays on a song, the merrier for the artist. Each “play” or “stream” gives a certain amount of royalty to the artist. To earn some revenue artists try to get as many as Spotify plays on their songs. It makes sense to buy Spotify plays as it is still a viable option.

How to get more plays on Spotify

  1. The Best Quality of Music
One of the most important factors when uploading your songs on media platforms such as Spotify is to make sure the audio of your quality is the best. Make sure to record your track in a professional or home studio using good quality mics and music equipment. Once you’ve recorded your track, note that the track should be uncompressed at 44.1kHz and its format should always be in the wave file. As the quality of music is better, more people will want to listen to your music. Mix and master your track. Make sure there are no compromises in this factor.

2. The Right Distributor
There are a number of distributing services available now such as Distrokid, CDBaby, Tunecore, Reverbnation, etc. Know which distributor will serve best for your music. For example, Distrokid charges a one-year subscription while CDBaby charges a certain amount of money per song. If you plan on releasing a number of songs in a year, then Distrokid is the distributor for you. Make sure you choose the right distributor.

3. Work out Your Marketing Strategy
If you want your song to have a high number of plays organically, you will have to work for it. Within seconds of your track releasing, tell the entire world that you’ve released a song. Send your song link to your family and friends and ask them to circulate the link around as well. Use your social media presence in the best way possible. Use Instagram and Facebook as tools. Put out your song in the form of posts and stories. If needed, put up a small teaser of your song, asking people to pre-save your song. Do a live session and tell people about it. Spend as many as three weeks to a month in order to promote or advertise your track. As mentioned before, tell everybody about your track. Don’t hesitate, just act.

4.  A Community of Musicians
One of the most important things to do is to form a music community. Find out more artists just like you, support them in order for them to support you. Listen to their music and send them your music. This way your music is reaching more people and it is getting more streams. Do not expect other artists to listen to your song if you don’t support them the same way. This is a two-way process. Share your music to other artists as much as possible. Once all of you form a community, you will notice your song receiving a huge number of streams since others will be sharing your music. Music unites everybody.

5. Be open to working with other artists
In other words, collaborate. Once you’re a part of a music community, for example, an “Indie-Community”, find artists that are willing to work with you and your genre. Once you release a collaborated song on Spotify, the song will get twice the number of usual plays, since the fans of two artists will be listening to the track instead of only one. 

6. Focus on getting featured in Playlists
Once your song is out, send your track to your music curators or an email to Spotify. Note that Spotify playlists have a huge number of listeners and likes. Once your song is on one of these playlists, a wide number of people will come across your song giving you the plays that you’ve been working so hard for.

7. Send your track to Music Bloggers
Send your music to music bloggers. Describe your song in detail so the blogger knows what to write up. Music bloggers receive songs from musicians almost every other day. Be different so that your song is chosen. Most importantly, be modest. Be kind and explain the entire process of how your track was made. Stay true to your art and people will find you.

8. Album Art and Song Name
Your song artwork is very important. Simple artwork is always good, but it does not mean it should not be professional. If possible try to get your face added in the artwork. Give your song a different name. Try not to give it a name which is the same as that of a bunch of other songs. Certain songs with special or different names get more plays because it’s something new and different. 

9. Be Original
Almost every day, there is a new artist releasing their music on streaming platforms. You have to do something different in order to get your song more plays. Your originality defines you. In your Spotify Account bio, describe yourself. What inspires you to write music, what is your process, all of these factors attract more listeners to your account.

Buying Spotify Plays
As mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with buying Spotify plays. When it comes to Spotify plays, there are certain websites that have certain offers. For example, if an artist wants to have 2000 more plays on a song, he will have to pay a particular amount to get the plays on his song. There are a number of schemes similar to the above offer. The only real limitation is that only a few websites can be trusted.

Hard work and Perseverance is very important if you want to make it. Following the above-mentioned factors will definitely help you gain significant growth in your Spotify plays.

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