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Life Lessons from Grams

My Gram is the quintessential matriarch of our family and I couldn't be more proud to call her my Gram.  Throughout my life, she has been there for good times and in bad.  She never complained about how unfair things were or took for granted the good times.  She has always been there for every one of her nine grandchildren and continues to be there for her 11 great-grandchildren.  She is witty, wise, and beautiful inside and out.

Gram has taught me to love myself first and then give love with all that I am.  Gram has taught me to find the beauty even in the ugliest situations.  She has taught me to laugh at myself before letting others do it, because it builds confidence.

My Gram will be turning 93 this year and I am so grateful to have her still here with us.  With this pandemic it has been hard to see her as much as I should, but when I do visit her she always makes me smile.  She is so grateful to have us be so close to her, but she has always been there for us.  Every moment of my life has been made better knowing my Gram would be there to support me.  She is the epitome of a good person.  She gives so much of herself to those around her and never asks for anything in return.    

If you still have your grandparents remember how much they influenced your life.  Show them today and every day how much they mean to you.  Tomorrow is not promised, but a few moments of your time today can make a world of difference. 


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