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Kid’s Basketball Shoes Buying Guide for Youth

Basketball is a sport that all kids should play. It offers many incredible benefits to kids.  Some of these benefits include increased self-esteem, improved social development, good body and muscle development, enhanced creativity, among many others.
One very vital requirement in making kids thoroughly enjoy the game is the kind of shoes they use.  There are vital factors to properly consider before you make a choice. 

These will help you make the correct choice out of the many brands and different kinds of basketball shoes for kids currently available everywhere. Knowing this, let us examine a few of these factors. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Kids Basketball Shoes 

This is a crucial factor, really consider. For kids and teenagers, the shoes must be light and not heavy. This will allow easy and fast movement in the game. Lightweight shoes would make the kid more comfortable and avoid causing strain and complications to the child's joints. This also reduces the kid's tendency to be quickly tired.
The game of basketball requires that the kid be light if he must fully enjoy and effectively play. Thus, the weight of the shoe must be light.
A well-cushioned shoe is best for kids because they are not as strong as adults. These fragile bones can easily break, or they may experience dislocation due to stress as opposed to adults.
Well-cushioned shoes will absorb shock when they land after jumping. It will also provide the necessary lift, so they don't exert much energy to lift themselves and aim at the net while playing. 
This will fuel their enthusiasm and love for basketball, thus increasing the odds for them to succeed in basketball.

The more breathable te shoe, the better it is for kids. This factor is a function of the kind of raw material used in manufacturing the basketball shoe's top components. 
If the shoe has poor breathability, it will cause a lot of discomfort for the kid. This is not ideal because the kid ought to be comfortable in what he is wearing, especially in basketball. This will help him to deliver effectively and concentrate better in the game.
Besides, a shoe with good breathability allows easy wind flow over it to make the kid's feet fresh, cool, and comfortable. No one likes smelly feet, and breathable shoes prevent this.  It drastically reduces sweat in the feet while on the game and prevents it from having foul odor after use.
Nothing is as frustrating and discouraging as having to replace shoes frequently because of damage. This is the reason why when buying basketball shoes for kid, you need to carefully consider the durability.
A durable shoe is best because they can continue to use it without it getting damaged. Children play a lot and in different places, and it is impossible to tell how much abuse the shoe will take. A durable shoe can withstand more abuse than typical shoes, which means more prolonged use. 
Sometimes, the shoe's durability has a link with the price, but it is not always the case. So, the price should not be your only determinant in choosing a durable shoe. 
Good Lacing and Firm Grip
Basketball Shoes should have proper lace design and good traction. This is very important, especially in basketball, because it will help prevent the kid from having severe injuries. 
The shoelaces should be one that won’t loosen or cut off during the game. If it does while the game is on and no one notices, it may result in the kid tripping and falling, thereby causing severe injuries.
The shoe traction should be great enough to make sure that your kid can come to a halt during a game if needed. This can prevent accidents and ensure they are more efficient when playing. 
Kids and adults alike desire to put on attractive shoes. Shoes they can be proud of and that they can brag with. As insignificant as this may seem, it matters. 
There is no point buying shoes that your kid won’t be proud of or probably not wear. 
Go for a shoe that looks attractive and nice. You can ask for your kid’s input as regards the style and color of shoes they prefer. Let them choose one they are comfortable with. 
Lastly, you need to consider the price. This is a crucial factor because you don’t want to spend all your savings to get a basketball shoe. Instead, you want something that is affordable and does not compromise quality. Create a budget, then choose one that aligns with this budget. Remember that the most expensive product may not necessarily be the best option for your needs. 
Considering the factors already listed above, we have carefully selected some products you can consider as you go buy basketball shoes for your kids. They are:
Nike Kobe Elite II Low
These are one of the best basketball shoes you can find anywhere in the world presently. They are very appealing and fanciful. They are also very durable with good cushioning. The breathability is outstanding, and it has good lacing and firm grip. All these features make it a fantastic option for your kids. 
Adidas Originals Superstar
This shoe is produced using high-quality leather. This means your kids can use it for a long time before needing replacements. It also comes in a stylish design anyone would be proud of, along with a cushioning, which offers players a boost during gameplay. 

Other options to consider include: 

  • Nike Air Force I Low
  • Under Armour Jet Mid
  • Adidas Isolation 2

Choosing the right basketball shoes for your kids does not have to be hard. If you know the things to look out for, this process can be a seamless one. Above, we have covered some of the most critical factors that can help you out with this. Soon, your kids will have basketball shoes that you both love. 

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