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Get Creative: 8 Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

 Birthday celebrations have been around for thousands of years. And even though the traditions, settings, and songs might change, the spirit and fun of the parties have remained.

If your child's birthday is coming up, you could stick to the traditional pizza party. But you could also spice things up and throw a fun and creative outdoor birthday party.

Not sure what kind of outdoor celebration to have? Don't worry, we've got you covered. So continue reading and we'll walk you through some of the best outdoor birthday party ideas for kids!

1. Alice in Wonderland Party

The story might be a classic, but that doesn't mean that throwing a themed birthday party in the spirit of Alice in Wonderland ever gets old. In fact, we're surprised that it's not used all the time!

Try to recreate the Mad Tea Party from the movie by having a long table that all of the guests can sit around. Then, let the madness ensue. Add some oversized tissue paper flowers in order to make things a little more silly and surreal.

You can also play pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat for a fun twist on the classic party game.

Alice's Wonderland is a fun and wacky place where you can really let your children express themselves. 

2. Water Party 

Whether you have a pool or not, a water party is always a ton of fun. Put out some water guns, water balloons, a Slip n' Slide, and sprinklers and let the kids go wild.

They'll be hollering with joy for hours and never want it to be over. Just make sure that you close the windows to your house. You should also make clear rules for the kids so they know where they are and aren't allowed to go.

Not only is a water party lots of fun but it's also going to help keep your kids cool on a hot day.

3. Beach Party 

Just like how you don't need a pool in order to have a water party, you also don't need to live near the ocean in order to throw a rocking beach party. If your child loves the beach, then blow up some beach balls and break out some Hawaiian leis. 

Themed food in the shape of fish can be a lot of fun. You can also put up surfboards, swim noodles, and pineapples. Get a sandbox too if you really want to recreate the beach vibes.

Just make sure to dress your kids in UV clothing so that they don't end up with a sunburn. That's the one part of the beach that nobody wants to recreate. 

4. Lawn Twister 

Even though you're throwing a party outside, that doesn't mean that you can't play some fun indoor games. Make your lawn part of the fun by spray painting the game board circles from Twister on your grass. Don't worry, the paint will grow out in a few weeks.

And while Twister is a lot of fun, you can try some other lawn games too. Chutes & Ladders and Candyland are two other fun games that you can play on the lawn while the kids act as game pieces. 

5. Nerf Party

Have you ever encountered a child who didn't like playing with Nerf guns? Neither have we. 

If your kid is really into these toys, then you can set up a fun and zany obstacle course. Have the guests work their way through the course while shooting at targets as they go. 

You can make Nerf-themed gift bags, decor, and food too if you'd like.

6. Archeological Dig

If your kid loves to hunt and explore, then you should definitely consider throwing them an archaeological dig party. To do this, you simply have to bury some "artifacts" in the dirt, at the beach, or in a sandbox and then send the kids out to search and uncover them.

If you want to make it even more fun, give the kids some riddles and clues in order to really put their problem-solving skills to work.

7. Bubbles Party 

We don't care what other people say, everyone loves bubbles. Whether you're a kid or a full-grown adult. So why not immerse your kids and their friends in the world of bubbles.

Set up some bubble machines in order to achieve a constant flow of bubbles. You can then also put out a bunch of individual bottles for the kids to make their own bubbles. 

Put out some bubble gum too if you want.

8. Kite Party 

Kites really are underrated toys. While some kites can be quite complex, it's also easy to find some simple and inexpensive ones. This is a very fun activity that a lot of kids don't really engage in that often.

Host your party at a big park and bring kites for everyone. The guests will love trying to get their kites in the air and see who can fly the highest. And, each kid gets to take a kite home as a party favor. 

Which of These Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas Will You Use?

Throwing an outdoor birthday party can be a lot of fun for both kids and parents alike. When you get creative and use your kid's interests as a jumping-off point, you can truly make a party to remember.

So which of these party ideas are you going to use? And how do you think you can improve upon them?

If you're interested in reading other helpful articles, then make sure to check out the rest of our blog today for more!

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