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First Look at the Trailer for THE CROODS: A NEW AGE


Hey movie-lovers! I have some major news to share with you today! THE CROODS are back & they're heading our way for Thanksgiving! You may have heard that theatres in some states are starting to slowly and safely open back up, and this is music to our ears to have some fun entertainment coming just in time for the holiday season!

If you're like my family, you've probably been waiting and wondering when, oh, when we'd be able to start seeing movies again, outside of our own homes. We fell i n love with THE CROODS several years ago when their first animated movie rolled onto the big screen. It made my day to see that THE CROODS are coming back to us with a new movie- THE CROODS - A NEW AGE.

I have a special look for you all today- a sneak peak at the brand new movie trailer for this fun film!

Let's check it out!

How fun is that!? We can't wait to see the movie this Thanksgiving!

Want to learn more?
Check out https://www.dreamworks.com/movies/the-croods-2 for more info & fun!

Have you seen the first THE CROODS movie? Are you planning on seeing THE CROODS: A NEW AGE? Be sure to mark your calendars so you don't forget about this one!

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