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Find your inner center with Dolphin Wood House Luxury Soaps + Giveaway

Thank you to Dolphin Wood House for these wonderful products in exchange for my review ! All thoughts and opinions are my own!  
What could be better than the sun, sand, and smells of the Ocean? Having them in your own home, shower, and bath! Dolphin Wood House seeks to bring all of these smells and memories back to you through luxury soaps and scrubs! With scents like Berry Breeze and Beach chair coffee, your senses will take your daily showers to a new level as you become immersed in the remind youers and memories of Beach life.

Owner Laura Hatt started making soaps as a means and outlet to heal from a traumatic abusive past. Looking for ways to help Laura feel restored and connected, her husband bought her a soap making kit.  Want to know more about Laura's story? You can find it on her blog page. From this first adventure in soap-making, Laura soon found herself on a journey to wholeness by creating Dolphin Wood House Luxury Bath Products!

Now, Laura's mission through Dolphin Wood House is to help women relax, release, and renew as they partake in her products via bath and shower. She hopes that whatever causes stress or injury to women, that Dolphin House products can help each individual relax, release their trauma, and begin a transformation of renewal to a new day and into a new journey. 

Fun fact: An aerial view of Laura's property shows that it's shaped like a Dolphin's head, an inspiration to the company name of Dolphin Wood House. 

Dolphin Wood House sent me several products to try: the Wild Citrus Berry Lotion Scrub, the Berry Breeze Soap Bar, and the Beach Chair Coffee Soap Bar. A small starfish bar of Caribbean Waves was also included as a surprise! Her package came wrapped neatly up with a wonderful note!

How often do you stop and savor your time in the bath or shower? If you are anything like the women in my life, you are processing the day to come or the day to be, pondering what household chore still needs to be done, and hoping you can have a moment of quietness while your children are content. 

Showers and Baths can be Oasis moments from hectic daily life- so why not take full advantage and use products that take your mind and senses to a new journey? Splurge in these luxury soaps and scrubs and take a leap into transformation! 

The Beach Chair Coffee Scent is a perfect morning to get you waked up and going! Many of us love our morning coffee/tea and could not survive without it! I'm quickly finding that this coffee bar is my favorite morning shower bar- I love the smell, the scent, and it has just enough beach chair to whisk me away to patio/balcony mornings on beach trips! I used my loofah with this bar and it whips up into a nice lather!
The Berry Breeze Soap Bar does have a stronger scent that is reminiscent of beach chairs, tropical drinks, and island life! Showering with this bar will certainly help you escape with its berry and vanilla scent. The description includes a hint of citrus but I honestly didn't pick it up! This is definitely for those of you who like creamy rich lathering that is wonderful to help moisture after days spent in the sun and pool chlorine! 

The Wild Citrus Berry Lotion Scrub is an awesome sugar scrub for your hands, feet, or whatever parts you feel need some love! Scrub it on, rinse it off, and feel your skin immediately transformed! This scrub's description says it leaves a light citrus berry scent on your hands. It definitely does so be forewarned if you use this scrub before eating, as you will smell it! 

The Starfish Caribbean Waves bar is such a wonderful gift and is so cute! The Caribbean Waves Bar is the signature Dolphin Wood House scent. It has been my favorite hand soap so far because it leaves little scent behind! 

Along with other soap scents and scrubs, Dolphin Woods House also offers lip balms, deodorant, lotions, and even an old fashioned mechanic rub for your favorite tinkering/gardening laden person!

 If you want to immerse yourself to luxury, definitely grab one of these scents to try! Unsure of what to get? Grab half bars in 2 or 2.5 ounces.. or even ask Dolphin House to surprise you!  

Want it? Buy it!

Head over to Dolphin Wood House website to grab my favorite, the Beach Chair Coffee Scent and other scents, soaps, and scrubs!

Visit Dolphin Wood House Social Media Sites for favorites, updates, and reminders to relax!

Want it? Win it! 

One (1) Lucky Person will win a Dolphin Wood House Gift basket that includes a 4 oz Lemon Sunshine Scrub, a full-size bar of Berry Breeze Soap, a 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a sample of Lavender Dreams soap. 

Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the Raffle-copter form below to enter for your chances to win! Please keep in mind that MBP is not responsible for fulfilling prizes. You can find complete details for our giveaway policies on our policies page. 

Do you take time away with luxury bath items to relax and renew? What are your favorite products?

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  5. I would love to try out the Lemon Sunshine Scrub.

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  13. I'd most like to try the body scrub.


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