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Fall into a New Craft: Leaf Suncatchers


Fall has officially begun! I don't know about you, but I love it all: the sports, the weather, the fashion, the food, and of course, the changing leaf colors. I try to do crafts with the boys fairly often to practice skills to prepare them for school. Sometimes it is tricky to find a craft they will both find interesting, but I found a winner with these leaf suncatchers. 

You don't need much for these which is another huge bonus in my mind. I did the prep so the boys could get right to the creating part. Hendrix did help cut a little since it is a skill he has now and is practicing. 

Here's what you need: 

  • contact paper or laminating pages that stick
  • leaf patterns (create your own or search for one)
  • tissue paper in the desired colors
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
Most of these items you may already have. I'm a big fan of activities that use what I already have. This time, I needed to replenish my stock of contact paper and tissue paper or I would have pulled my supplies out of the closet. 

After buying or gathering all your necessary materials, you can get started. 

  • Print a leaf pattern
  • Trace the leaf pattern on a cut out piece of contact paper or draw your own leaf with a permanent marker
  • Cut the desired colors of tissue paper into tiny rectangles or squares
  • Peel back one side of the contact paper
  • Little hands can then place the tissue paper squares on the leaf
  • Place another piece of contact paper over the filled-in leaf
  • Cut out the leaf
  • Put in a window to enjoy :)
What are some of your favorite fall crafts? 

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