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Exploring No Exam Life Insurance Quotes and Policies

No exam life insurance can be vital to your financial freedom, security, and life plan. Those who would normally be easily disqualified from coverage find that they won’t always need the medical exams that disqualify them. In fact, there are many forms of insurance and ways to get a no exam life insurance quote.

Life insurance that can be applied for online with no exam appeals to many people who have had a bad experience with obtaining a life insurance policy in the past. For some, this means they no longer have to deal with the hassle and stress of appointments with various doctors. In addition, they won’t be rejected on the basis of an exam alone. It’s the concern over approval that might inspire to choose one of these policies, and it could be the right choice.

Just because an insurance policy promises no exam doesn’t mean that the insurer and their reviewers aren’t interested in your health. Truly, your application may be scrutinized more carefully than other forms of insurance because of the risky lack of medical information. Some medical information you will submit through a simple questionnaire, but beyond your answers, the truth is unknown. And, you can be disqualified for misleading answers too. 

Read this post to learn which forms of life insurance there are for you to choose from if you’re looking for a policy and quote. Then, you can take the opportunity to apple for an exam-free policy from Sproutt.com.

The Two Best of No Exam Whole Life Insurance

In the world of life insurance, there are two primary kinds of no exam life insurance policies that you might choose from (excluding a group policy work benefit from your employer). Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but on the whole, they are a good option if you have faced rejection in the past. The two forms are Simplified Issue Insurance and Guaranteed Issue Insurance.


Simplified Issue Life Insurance will not require you to complete a medical exam as part of its approval process, but your application will instead consist in the answers to your questionnaires. Medical questions are included in these sets of surveys for new applicants. They concern things like your weight, height, medical history, recent hospitalizations, and more. In addition to that, the insurance company will seek even more information about you through accessible records, like your previous insurance applications and your driving record. 

Nevertheless, this is a good option for the policy-seeker who needs life insurance quickly. The coverage you might expect can go up to $500,000 which for many can be much less than 10 times your annual salary that most insurers recommend. See if you qualify for such a policy and consider the overall state of your health. Then, apply on Sproutt.


After a Simplified Issue policy has been approved or ruled out, some turn to the Guaranteed Issue Insurance policy option as a kind of final stone to flip over. It is the last coverage option for people who historically struggle with getting approved for a healthy policy. That being said, it’s an expensive form of life insurance because the insurer never sees medical histories, notes, or reports and records. That’s why they calculate an inflated risk in your quote. 

While these policies are often smaller than their traditional counterparts, they also target a smaller demographic: people over 50 years of age. Still, there is no age restriction and when you consider a Guaranteed Issue policy, you have to accept that payout is a bit different. The benefit of your policy may be “graded,” and the full amount will stay with the insurer for several years.  

Get a Life Insurance Quote

Prior to exploring these two options through an application, consider what you can afford to contribute to a new life insurance policy and whether you trust the insurance company you're drawn to. Also, consider your background and the conditions of coverage that you prefer for payment and payouts. In either case of Simplified or Guaranteed policies, you will need to furnish proof, answers, and documents to support your candidacy for coverage. 

Want to explore your policy concerns with an expert in life insurance? You can get professional guidance on the best life insurance policy without an exam. Then, we’ll teach you all about your options for coverage and provide you with a speedy, simple, and correct quote. 

Contact Sproutt today to learn which policies they can offer those who have chosen not to complete an exam while seeking a policy and quote. 

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