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Thanks to Simple Goodness Sister's for this Syrup in exchange for my review! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Have you ever used a simple syrup? Simple Syrup is essentially a sugar mixture that has been cooked to dissolve into a syrup. Used in baking, cocktails, nonalcoholic drinks, and perhaps even cooking, Simple Syrups add sweetener and flavor to your drinks and food. 

Living in South Carolina for several years, I knew several women that made their own version of simple syrup on their stove-tops. I learned from several of these ladies and from my obsession with baking shows on Netflix, that Simple Syrup is often used in baking to moisten and sweeten the outcome of the baked goods- whether its cakes, cookies, or scones.  

When Simple Goodness Sister's Simple Syrup popped up, I jumped at the chance to try it because I was excited to see how this flavoring could help my at-home cocktails and baked goods. I've been staying home more, not only to save money, but to not deal with the crowds as our restaurants juggle capacity limits, beautiful weather, and after- labor day tourists here in Wilmington. 

 Founded in 2018 by sisters Belinda Kelley and Venise Cunningham, Simple Goodness Sisters uses farm fresh ingredients in all of their recipes. All Syrups are made from fresh using herbs, whole fruits, and spices grown on their farm. Simple Goodness Sisters Syrups have a shelf life of 18 months, so no worry about spoilage!

The Rhubarb Vanilla Bean syrup is the flagship of Simple Goodness Sisters.The Rhubarb Vanilla Bean syrup uses local rhubarb combined with vanilla beans shipped from a small sustainable female farmer near Mexico. This syrup is the first recipe of Simple Goodness Sisters and remains the most popular! At 12 ounces, this bottle can make about 20 drinks, using their .05 serving size. 

I decided to taste the syrup before making anything. This help me to determine how sweet it is, how bitter it is, what flavors might work best, etc. While I did detect the Rhubarb, the Vanilla flavoring was more prominent. 

I was unsure how this bitter plant would pair with a sweet plant, like vanilla bean, but Simple Goodness Sisters is on point! This syrup has great taste and will do wonders for your cocktails! It is not overly sweet, but sweet enough that you will not be longing for more. 

Each package comes with the Simple Goodness Cocktail Recipe but one can also visit the website for other cocktail inspirations. After searching the website, checking my supplies, and a tad bit of googling, 

I made a version of a Daiquiri, as rum is available on my home shelf.  The original recipe suggests blending .05 oz of the syrup with 1.5 oz Spirit, citrus, ice, and 6 oz of club soda. My modified version blended together ice, 1 oz syrup, 1 oz rum, a few fresh strawberries together. I actually taste-tested after .05 oz and decided to add more to get the flavoring the way I like it!

Rhubarb and Strawberries typically pair well in jams and pies, so I was not surprised when this drink was marvelous! The strawberry taste paired nicely with the syrup- nothing was overpowering at all! Of course, you can adopt all recipes to your tastes and needs.

Simple syrups are often used in baking recipes to help keep in moisture and prevent dryness. After googling varied recipes, I decided to adapt a scone recipe using this syrup in place of the vanilla flavoring. With cake recipes, the syrup is used to freeze or during assembly and decoration, but instead, the syrup was poured directly into the wet part of the scone batter as the vanilla substitute. I didn't scale back the dry sugar amount as I was using the syrup has a flavor enhancer and not so much the actual sweetener. The flavor, combined with the sugar already in the syrup and in the dry part of the mix, created a tasteful scone. I would definitely recommend trying out this syrup in baked goods!

I also made the scone's glaze using the Rhubarb Vanilla Bean syrup in the mixture. The glaze helped define the flavor already found in the scone to make it more prominent. I'm curious if the taste would have been different if I encased the scones in the simple syrup after baking, as one would traditionally do with cakes, but I didn't want to try this as I knew the sweet glaze would be drizzled on top. 

Other uses could include: flavoring/ sweetening coffee, teas (both hot and cold would work!) and even lemonade! Or perhaps pour it over your favorite ice-cream, pancakes, or fruits! If you really want to get creative, perhaps even added to a flavorful marinade might work! As the weather turns, the syrup could also be used in other drinks like the Hot Toddy, the Old Fashioned, the Jack Rose, or even added to hot apple cider with vanilla vodka! The syrup is only 30 calories per serving, perfect for making light drinks! 

Simple Goodness Sisters offers several other regular and seasonal flavors that will suit your loved one's taste buds. If you and yours are still staying home, finding new ways to enjoy cocktail night, a Simple Goodness Sister Syrup will make a remarkable gift leaving a lasting impression! If you are looking for a gift to spawn creativity in your own home, this syrup will change your drinks and baked goods! Go ahead and order yourself a bottle.. or two.. of Simple Goodness Sisters Syrup this holiday season or send to a friend who you know will love it! 

Want it? Get it! 

Find the Flagship Flavor, Rhubarb Vanilla Bean, and other current flavors, such as the Marionberry Mint or Blueberry Sage on the Simple Goodness Sisters Website! Syrups ship nationwide and 2 or more bottles ship free! 

Don't forget your floral sugars and salts, recipe books, and even Cocktail kits! 

Coming soon! New seasonal flavors such as Fig Cardamom, Apple Pie, Cranberry Rosemary, and Spicy Bloody Mary will be released in small batches monthly, so make sure to stay up to date with Simple Goodness Sisters! 

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Want it? Win it! 

One lucky reader will win a 375 ml bottle of the Flagship Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Syrup! 

Do you use simple syrup in your drinks?

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  1. I like it on ice cream and in my coffee

  2. I like to add syrup to truffles and I like to add it to sparkling water.

  3. I would add this to sparkling water for the holidays.

  4. My favorite fall flavors are spicy - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and allspice.

  5. I'd put it on ice cream, I think!
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  6. I would like it in coffee or ice cream; maybe something else. Thank you


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