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CBD oil for skin rejuvenation

CBD oil is a product that can be used for a wide variety of medical conditions. You can use it for muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammations, infections, certain mental conditions, and so on. 

Although the effectiveness of CBD varies based on the condition that we’re trying to treat, people are willing to give it a chance because it is much safer than some traditional drugs. Furthermore, there were certain situations where CBD oil provided better relief than some popular brand name drugs.
Although most people use this product for conditions such as pain and insomnia, it can also be used for acne and other skin conditions. On top of that, the substance shows excellent results when used for rejuvenation and moisturizing. 
Even the biggest cosmetic companies have noticed this, which is why cannabidiol has become one of the most common beauty product ingredients in the last few years.
But does CBD oil really helps? How can your skin benefit from it? We invited the guys from Hempulse.com – affordable CBD store based in New York, USA.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the numerous cannabinoid substances that can be found in hemp and cannabis. These substances can stimulate endocannabinoid receptors in the human body, thus normalizing various internal processes. 
Keep in mind that CBD cannot bind to receptors by itself; it requires the presence of other cannabinoids. This is why most CBD products have a wide variety of ingredients including THC.
THC is the psychedelic substance and the main reason why people smoke marijuana. Even though most people perceive it as a bad thing, THC also has medicinal properties. Almost every CBD oil has a small percentage of THC (up to 0.5%) which is enough to receive the benefits without getting high. 
Furthermore, if you want to avoid the substance altogether, you can buy “broad-spectrum” oil that doesn’t have any THC.
CBD in cosmetic industry 

Cannabidiol has a really fascinating impact on our bodies. It can regulate numerous internal and external processes. You can also use it topically and orally, depending what kind of a problem you wish to address. There are a lot of CBD infused products right now like the ones found at Salt Leaf Hemp.
Of course, if you’re suffering from various skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or dermatitis, you need to use the oil topically. The product works by treating infections, inflammations, reducing redness, and eliminating any underlying issue.
Seeing its effectiveness, the cosmetic companies all over the world have started using it as one of the core ingredients. They often combine it with other beneficial substances such as coconut, jojoba, citruses, and so on. 
There is a handful of substances that have such a high concentration of cannabinoids so, hemp-based products are able to provide us with nutrition that we cannot get from other sources.
Cannabis is still covered in a veil of mystery. We learn something new every day, and there is a good chance that the cosmetic companies will start implementing it for new formulas. 

Main skin benefits when using CBD oil

We’ve already mentioned that CBD is great for acne and other, common skin conditions. It alleviates pain, reduces redness, and eliminates microbes. But, there is much more to it.
Cannabinoids are also great for rejuvenation. These substances have amazing anti-aging properties which makes them ideal for daily use. The oil can be applied at any time during the day, but given its texture, perhaps its best if you use it in the evening, before going to bed.
Like all other skin products, it takes time until CBD oil kicks in. However, you will quickly notice its impact on redness. Your face will feel at peace after a while. If you’re in pain, that pain will also subside within days. In that sense, the product can also be used in case of injuries. 
CBD oil is very good for wrinkles and dry skin. It provides assistance on several fronts. With it, you will quickly restore the previous shine and elasticity.

Is it legal? 

Cannabidiol is legal and readily-available in most countries of the world. 
If you live in the US, keep in mind that this product is legal in the majority of the states. You can buy it from numerous online shops. However, in order to stay safe, it is better to consult with a marijuana doctor before you start a treatment. This is especially important because you need to be careful with the dosage. 
If you’re currently in Australia, there’s a great article by Krush Organics about CBD oil in Australia that you should definitely read. There you’ll learn everything you need to know about uses, benefits and accessibility of the substance in the Land Down Under.
CBD products that have a higher percentage of THC can be a bit problematic. As already mentioned, everything that has below 0.5% is safe and thus, legal. You should inquire for the other substances. 

Final words
CBD oil might cause mild allergies. It has a sedative effect which is why you shouldn’t drive after ingesting it. The substance also has a different impact when used topically and orally, which is another thing you need to inquire about. 


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