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Caffeinate Your Day with Amora Coffee #MBPHOLIDAY20

Thank you to Amora Coffee for providing me with the Vigorosi Blend to try in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Some mornings you just know that the first cup of sweet smelling caffeine nectar just is not going to cut it- so you have to reach for that second and probably even third cup of coffee to get you through the day.  Sometimes no matter how strong the coffee is, it just doesn't cut it for that day. 

I must admit, it has only been in the past few recent years that I've learned to love coffee. Even in college, this basic drink was not something I gravitated towards. Sure, I liked my so full of sugar sweet lattes and mochas that the regular coffee lover would run away in terror at the thought, but a basic cup of joe with cream/sugar? Naw. 

In my masters studies at seminary, we used to have a joke: you were either a Coffee Addict or a Diet Coke addict, and you certainly could tell who was who by the plaster of mugs and/or cans across classrooms each morning. For the longest time, I was one of those coke/ diet coke folks. In some ways, that is my other beverage of choice, but over the past few years, I've found myself needing that morning cup of coffee to get me going. I can still function without it, but I find, especially with work related events, that if coffee is available, I gravitate towards it. Being an on-the-go youth director, coffee was often made quickly in the morning, put in my travel mug, and sometimes forgotten about once I set foot in my office. During last year's rummage sale, somehow my coffee mug even end up on the sales floor- FULL! (That was definitely not my doing!) 

Over the last few months, as we have faced a shift in the way youth ministry is carried out , I find myself drifting towards morning cups of coffee as partly relaxation techniques, but partly wake-me-up techniques. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a morning person. A cup of coffee does not help that at all- but it at least stimulates my brain into thinking that I can be a morning person on those early morning mission trips and camping retreats! During these summer months, I've found that I can enjoy my coffee without feeling rushed as I sit on that latest Zoom call, or begin prepping for faith formation bag drop offs. I've rediscovered the taste of "good" versus "bad" coffee and trust me, bad coffee does exist. As much as Lutherans love their coffee, church kitchens are often on the cheaper side and not all the stuff is great! Pre-ground and prepackaged coffee can sit at distribution centers too long, causing the roasting flavoring to be lost! Also, cheaper coffees have a tendency to not be as fresh and flavorful because their roasting process isn't as great. 

I was excited to try Amora Coffee when the opportunity came up! Amora Coffee exists to eliminate that middle-man in the coffee process. They want to get your roasted beans (preferably beans, but ground is good too) to your door as fast as they can after the roasting process. Amora Coffee roasts and packages their beans here in the United States. After ordering, their aim is for your coffee to arrive to your door within 2 priority shipping days. Amora Coffee is not available in stores either, as they want to cut out the middle man and want their coffee to remain fresh, not sitting on a shelf for too long! 

Why choose Amora? As soon as you open your foil-sealed bag, the aroma will hit you, before it even goes into the coffee maker! This past week, I took the Vigorosi blend with me on vacation with my sister's family. My sister is the type of woman that needs coffee throughout the day to survive- she often prefers strong coffee but isn't too choosy otherwise. As soon as the Amora Coffee started to percolate, she commented on it's wonderful smell! When the pot was done, she was happy with its taste too! She commented that she does like stronger blends while I am used to medium or lighter blends, so Vigorosi was just right for her! 

Amora claims that this Vigorosi blend is boldly roasted with an intensity of 3/4. It hints to having notes of lemon fruitiness, caramel flavor, and chocolate. Honestly, I didn't taste the lemon at all! The chocolate and caramel flavors did hit me but not such in a way that it was a turn off. It was  more of a smooth taste that blends very well! I was hesitant because of their and boldness in roasting, but I seem to like this particular blend very much!

Amora Coffee's popular blends include: 
  • Elegante - Smooth roasted, 2/4 intensity, with notes of chocolate, caramel and spices. 
  • Vigorosi- Boldly Roasted, 3/4 intensity with notes of lemon fruitiness, caramel, and chocolate
  • Angelico- French Vanilla Flavoring with heavy caramelized coffee flavor and vanilla notes
  • Passionata- Chocolate Truffle- loaded with creamy fudge notes and a dark chocolate candy bar appeal

Amora also offers several other blends ranging from lightly roasted to fiercely roasted as well as several other flavorings. Amora recommends buying your coffee beans intact as the beans will retain flavor the longest while pre-ground can loose its flavoring. Of course, this means you must own a grinder (I do highly recommend it.. there is a major difference grinding beans yourself over pre-ground!). Measure 1 tablespoon of Amora Coffee for every 6 oz of water. Wait for your coffee to finish and away you drink! 

Amora also ventured into the tea world because they believed tea lovers should experience the same as coffee lovers! Packaged here in the United States with 100% organic tea leaves hand-picked from leading Tea Farms around the world, teas are hand-assembled as Amora strives to leave the tea leaves intact as much as possible! Amora teas are not loose-leaf and do arrive in sachets for easy steeping. 

Are you looking for a new coffee or tea to try and want to keep your products to the US?

Are you looking for a great gift for the coffee or tea lover your life?

Or perhaps you want a subscription based service that delivers coffee to your door monthly?

Amora Coffee is for you! I definitely and highly recommend you try this fabulous coffee!

Want it? Buy it! 

Head over to Amora Coffee to browse Coffee and tea blends! Ready to purchase one of the amazing blends or flavors? Visit Amora's Store to get your coffee delivered directly to your home! All you Cold-Brew lovers can be included too with Amora's Cold Brew blend! 

Need a gift or don't want to run out of your favorite coffee/tea? Amora's Subscription Service is for you! Currently, new subscribers can try the first bag for free with $1.00 shipping! Other Monthly Perks are listed as the subscription service continues! Subscriptions Flavors and Shipping can be changed and cancelled at any time! 

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What's your favorite Coffee Blend and/or Flavor?

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