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Books That Were Made Into Movies- My Top 10

My sisters and I love to read.  We read a bit of everything and let our imaginations go wild when we picture the characters and places in a book.  One of the best things is reading the book followed by watching the movie afterward.  We like to compare the movie against the book to see how true to form it is.  It sounds like a really weird hobby, but it is fun for us.

While a lot of books have been made into movies, it doesn't mean they should have been.  I have liked my imagination better sometimes.  I try to read the books first but sometimes I've seen a movie not knowing it was a book first.  Sometimes I watch a movie because I have no interest in reading the book but the movie persuades me.

The Fault in Our Stars
The Help
The Twilight Saga
Gone with the Wind
The Hunger Games
A Walk to Remember 
Gone Girl
The Lovely Bones

What book turned into a good movie for you?

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